The latest billboard for the American Atheists lacks the shock value of the organization’s past Mormon-targeted campaigns, which include a billboard at the 2012 Democratic National Convention that read, "God Is A Space Alien. Baptizes Dead People. Big Money, Big Bigotry."

The message of this ad — that atheists can be normal people — is not particularly revelatory. But rather than simply announce that its national convention is slated for April 17-20 at Salt Lake City’s downtown Hilton, the group elected to spoof the LDS Church’s ubiquitous "I’m a Mormon" ad campaign. And for that, the group chose the Monnetts.

Southbound motorists can spot the Denver-based CBS Outdoor billboard on the east side of Interstate 15, just past the 3300 South exit. It reads: "We’re the Monnett family, and we’re (strike-through) Mormons. ... (strike-through) ex-Mormons. ... We’re Atheists. Come explore your doubt with us."

Although the text had been written by October (when theAmerican Atheists complained that available Utah billboards were scarce because local companies were unwilling to antagonize the LDS Church), West Monnett says it describes them accurately.