Raw Story reports state representatives have introduced a bill, H. 3526, that would force teachers to lead and enforce a "minute of mandatory silence" at the beginning of each school day "so as to permit schools to lead a prayer." Students who do not wish to participate would be allowed to leave the classroom.

Most of the bill's sponsors are Democrats. The state representatives who introduced it are: Wendell Gilliard (D), Joseph Jefferson (D), Carl Anderson (D), Liston Barfield (R), Bill Clyburn (D), Heather Ammons Crawford (R), Lonnie Hosey (D), Robert Ridgeway III (D) and Don Wells (R).

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that teacher-led prayer is an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion. The Establishment Clause prohibits government from establishing an official religion, favoring one religion over another, favoring religion over non-religion or favoring non-religion over religion.