Last week, the Committee released a report detailing the results of their investigation. In it, they unequivocally declared that the Vatican has failed to adhere to the terms of the Convention. The Committee’s report focused primarily on two separate facets of one issue: 1) the widespread and long-term epidemic of sexual abuse perpetrated by members of the Catholic clergy, and 2) the Catholic Church’s institutionally-sanctioned and systematic cover-up of these crimes.
The Committee didn’t mince words in their recommendations, declaring that: 1) the Church has utterly failed in its moral and legal duty to protect the rights and the well-being of children, 2) the Church has consistently prioritized both its own reputation and the rights of the sexual abusers among its ranks above the rights of victimized children, in some cases even going so far as to blame and punish the victims instead of the perpetrators, and 3) the Church has not only turned a blind eye to this epidemic, but has also, in many cases, enabled it to continue.