As a child, Jackie Chan was convinced that traditional remedies would turn him into a kung fu master – tiger bone oil would cure bruises, shark fin soup would make his skin tough and supple, rhino horn would cure cancer. As an adult, Chan has become China's most famous actor – a martial arts all-action hero, who is unique in charming both Hollywood and Beijing.

But instead of crediting traditional remedies for his success, the 58-year-old is now dedicating himself to changing Chinese attitudes towards wildlife, in an attempt to convince fellow Asians to stop buying ivory, rhino horn and other products produced from endangered animals.

And he's starting right at the top.

"I was making a film in China, the government buy me a dinner," he said. "I sit down; boom – they give me shark fin soup.

"I said put it away. I said can I have some other soup, I just don't like shark fin soup. I start talking. Politely – it was ten years ago, and I was a foreigner from Hong Kong – but I told them.