Nice to see DNA evidence being used to establish a young mother's right to name her baby's father, a soldier killed in Afghanistan, on the birth certificate, and claim money from the army for her maintenance.

According to the Telegraph, 3 days ago (

"Baby Lexie-Mai was left without a father when Private Daniel Wade was killed by a Taliban bomb attack in Afghanistan.

Pte Wade had been engaged to her mother Emma Hickman, who was six months pregnant when he died in action alongside five of his comrades.

Miss Hickman, 19, gave birth to Lexie-Mai three months later and believed the child would receive compensation from the military to help secure her future.

Instead, military officials refused the application for payment, claiming Pte Wade's paternity could not be proved."

The Times ( but behind paywall) reports today that the DNA test has now successfully proved that Private Daniel Wade was indeed the father of Emma Hickman's baby, and the army will have to pay compensation. Good. A toast to Sir Alec Jeffreys, inventor of the technique of DNA fingerprinting. This is one of many potential injustices which have been prevented by his brilliant idea.