A couple who took their daughter out of a school class based on the Bible were dismayed to find her left alone in a classroom "naughty corner" with a book during the 35-minute lesson.

Jeff McClintock posted a photograph of his 7-year-old daughter Violet on the Secular Education Network Facebook page showing the little girl kneeling on the floor next to a rubbish bin as she read the book, at Red Beach School, Auckland.

Mr McClintock said he was told the school had an alternative programme for children who opted out of the weekly Values in Action class.

When he arrived one day to check on her he found her in the corner children are sent to for being naughty.

"Last year my daughter spent a total of 4.5 days sitting in this corner.

"Also bear in mind she's in earshot of her friends singing, doing fun activities and hearing stories."

He said that his daughter had "promised not to be naughty again" when she returned home after one of the opt-out sessions.