For years, we've been seeing little Christian comic books everywhere—they get handed to you on the street, they're left at bus-stops, laundromats, schools, etc. These comics, disturbingly designed for children, tell stories about people getting saved by Jesus, or graphically burning in eternal hell-fire if they aren't converted. They vilify science, promote homophobia and other kinds of intolerance, and endorse an extreme Christian fundamentalist version of reality. So we had the idea of making our own comics to promote the opposite—rational thought, tolerance, and humor.  

Our comics are at times purely satirical and at other times more earnest, but with all of them we strive to challenge dogmas and promote critical thinking. 

We've completed two so far and another three are in the final stages of being illustrated. Future comics will poke fun at intelligent design, examine the Bible's stance on gay rights, question the psychologically damaging effects of teaching children about Hell as a literal place, and explore many other ideas that have been fertile ground for religious dogma and skeptical query.