A world without bees would be a different place. A lot of crops currently depend on them, including fruits like almonds and cherries, vegetables like onions and pumpkins, and field crops like soybeans and sunflowers. A loss of bees could mean economic hardships for farms and the food industry and would lead to a rise in food costs.

In 2006, beekeepers started reporting that seemingly healthy bees were simply abandoning their hives in mass numbers, never to return. Researchers call the mass disappearance colony collapse disorder (CCD). Since then, around one third of honey bee colonies in the U.S. have vanished.

You can take action today and help make our world a healthier place for bees. Here are things you can do to save our bees:

Plant a bee-friendly garden: Flowers – especially ones native to your area – help feed bees and other valuable pollinators. Native plants also often require less water and fertilizer than non-native plants. You will be doing a huge favor to native species of bees, who have adapted over thousands of years to feed off these plants.