Furious debate has erupted, with many respondents irate over what they perceive as double standards in the school's stance, claiming the ruling is religious discrimination. There were repeated calls for an end to any government funding to the school.

Up to 20 non-Muslim female teachers, who do not wish to be named, have been told they will be sacked from the Islamic College of South Australia's West Croydon campus after three warnings if they do not wear a headscarf to cover their hair.

"If a female Muslim teacher working at a non-Muslim school was ordered to stop wearing her hijab at school functions and outings then that school board and principal would be before the Anti-Discrimination Commission before you could say 'hypocrisy'," wrote "Sir Loin of Lamb".

Meg of the Hills said: "I have no problems with women wearing a hijab if they so wish. I also don't have any problems with covering my head if I go to a Muslim country. But I have problems with this school's attitude. What is it teaching the kids?"

Many readers asked whether it was appropriate for non-Muslims to wear the religious garb.

"That is blatant discrimination against a non-Muslim's beliefs to force them to wear an Islamic religious garment. I would have thought that it was also sacrilegious of the non-believer to do so," wrote Concerned Citizen of Aberfoyle Park.