He’s excited about coming.

“I love going to the Bible Belt!” Dawkins exclaimed. “I seem to get rather enthusiastic audiences.”

Indeed. The internationally known evolutionary biologist has popularized — some would say polarized — a debate between evolution and atheism on one hand, creationism and faith on another.

Dawkins will appear at 7 p.m. Saturday (March 9) at the College of Charleston in a talk billed as the world’s most famous atheist meets South Carolina’s most famous atheist. The latter is Herb Silverman, a Charlestonian and founder of the Secular Coalition for America, who will interview Dawkins at the Physicians Memorial Auditorium.

Silverman promises a healthy store of intellectual-bending questions such as: How do Christians believe in biblical stories they know aren’t scientifically true?

“I prefer having evidence-based answers,” said Silverman, also a retired mathematics professor and author of “Candidate Without a Prayer: An Autobiography of a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt.”