File under "antitheism." Arguments welcome. Special thanks to Neku628 for sending me the videos that kick-started my thinking process and led to my writing this piece. 

Original title: "Sacrificial Altar of Religion: Children" While I like that title, it's a bit too obscure for discovery and I'm finding that many of the people finding this video through other channels may simply be a small proportion of the people that can be helped (or at least relate and find solace in sharing their scars with others that have gone through the same experiences). Thus, the name change to something less obscure.

I didn't think I really needed to watch "Jesus Camp" (beyond the clips I've already seen) because, as I say in the video, I've seen this all nearly first hand. My experiences in the world of evangelical/fundamentalist xtianity never reached the feverish insanity that these kids have been subjected to, but my experiences were similar...just a bit less vicious. This may become a series (but I just thought of that because I needed a good title).

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