Sadly, one of the original content pieces, published on April 3, is a straight piece of creationism, “Creationist explains how humans and dinosaurs could have hunted the Tyrannosaurus rex.” The short piece is about the ludicrous ideas of Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo  (Ph.D. in kineseology, of course), a California creationist who has launched the famous $10,000 challenge, offering anyone that sum if they can disprove the literal truth of Genesis before a judge. (Note to readers: please stop asking ask me to participate in this: these offers  constitute a mug’s game that nobody can win.)

So here’s what curious business folks are reading:

. . . given that he believes that the universe is about 7,000 years old, [Mastropaolo] posits that dinosaurs became extinct relatively recently.

“If we go back a thousand years, we probably had these so-called dragons roaming the earth,” Mastropaolo told BI. “But they couldn’t be called ‘dinosaurs’ because that word hadn’t been invented yet.”

Radiometric dating indicates that some dinosaur fossils are about 65 million years old, but Mastropaolo believes that the technique is “grossly biased, not valid, unreliable, and uncalibrated.”