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The Outcast of Beauregard Parish

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The Film

Headline: Help Support a Documentary Film on discrimination against atheists

Deck: The Outcast of Beauregard Parish profiles a preacher who lost his faith and was ostracized.

Jerry DeWitt had been preaching in and around Beauregard Parish, Louisiana since he was 17 years old. Full of warmth and practiced in the fiery oratory of the Pentecostal faith, he was a popular figure around town. He even planned to run for mayor. But when his 85-year old aunt discovered he was an atheist, the news spread quickly. Within a year he had lost his job (his boss was pressured by the local city council to fire him), the bank had foreclosed on his house and his wife had left him.

But Jerry’s story only begins there. Thrust into the limelight by a New York Times profile, he sets an audacious goal: to create a sustainable human-centered ministry in the heart of the Bible Belt. It may be an idea whose time has come. But can it happen in time to save his home and his family?

The Outcast of Beauregard Parish, a feature length documentary film developed for a national market by the Peabody-award winning team at Bread and Butter Films, will tell Jerry’s story, and in the process explore some of the burning issues in secularism today, including discrimination against atheists, the recent rapid growth of nonbelievers in America, and the quest to form communities among nonbelievers that meld the best of religious communities, without the dogma and belief in a higher power.

The Kickstarter Campaign

The team at Bread and Butter Films just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for the initial filming of The Outcast of Beauregard Parish. The goal is to raise $30,000 by July 25. And if they don’t¾per Kickstarter’s rules, they lose all the donations pledged.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter a website where people—often artists, filmmakers and writers¾request donations to fund their project. In exchange we offer some fun rewards¾plus you get to support the making of this film. Unfortunately, in today’s documentary film climate, with foundations cutting back on their giving, filmmakers are turning to crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, where people who believe in the project or cause, become partners and make sure it gets made.

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