In the south we have a long standing tradition of culture and family and food. Our ancestors relied on various forms of super-naturalism to cope with everyday aspects of life. The United States has had various periods of semi-enlightenment, but they've all given way to the community built within religious constraints. 

Our mission is to gather community while promoting a foundation of hope, trust, and love thus bridging tolerance through common secular values. We will bring the excitement into the hearts of freethinkers without exposing them to any supernatural aspects. We can provide all of the music, merriment, and ministry to our passionate growing secular crowd and still have it devoid of supernatural praise.

Think about those days when you went to church. How the preacher spoke passionately, so passionately that it resonated within your heart. At times it would often seem like he was speaking directly to you. No matter what his train of thought was, when he gave you the message you found a personal meaning. Think of how uplifting it was to not only hear, but feel the words.

We are not asking you to commit yourself to a church, or an idea, or even an ideology. We just wish that you come and join us and help us rejoice in simply being. You may find that this is something that helps you to analyze normal day to day activities that cause stress and deal with them in a secular way. This can be the answer to the lack of community within the secular movement.

We are glad you made it this far and look forward to seeing you on Sunday for Louisiana's first completely secular service.

SEATING IS LIMITED, please RSVP right away.