The photo in question featured the duo eating pork stew, "bah kuh teh," while greeting fasting Muslims for Ramadan.

The image was construed as highly offensive given the fact that pork is considered haram, or forbidden, to Muslims, and they put a halal, or permissible, logo on the post. Though they claimed they meant the picture to be humorous, it's been perceived as highly disrespectful and provocative given the content of the photo and the occupation of the uploaders, who have a Youtube channel called "Sexcussions with Alvivi" and an erotic blog.

Pornography is illegal in both Malaysia and Singapore, where Tan used to be a law student at the National University of Singapore, though he was stripped of his ASEAN scholarship after the public outcry against their X-rated blog.

The Muslim-majority country defines sedition as actions that spread ill will among people of different races, and is considered a serious crime.