Reactions to Richard Dawkins in 2013?

No.  That was Islamist reaction to A Short History of the World (1922) by popular science fiction writer and historian H.G.Wells. The protest was organized then by an influential Islamic organization consisting mainly of Indian Muslims Jamiat-ul-Muslimin. [1]

But what is surprising in 2013 is that the number of those who have taken up guns against Dawkins, come from the so-called secular left media establishment. What Dawkins tweeted was a simple fact: that not many Muslims have Nobel prizes though they had done great things in the past.  This has unleashed a fury against Dawkins.

When Reza Aslan a born-again Islamist called Dawkins a ‘buffoon’ mum was the word with media at large.

[2] No believer asked Aslan to refrain. But left-of-the-centre British media showered unsolicited advice and vehement criticism on Dawkins. He was accused of racism even after the Oxford professor explained that Islam is not a racial category. Martin Robbins writing in the ‘Newstatesman‘ countered Dawkins saying that Dawkins is not simply criticizing a religion but is attacking a group of people in a fairly well defined geographical area, associated with a particular set of ethnicities.[3]

Actually it is not the criticism of Islam by Dawkins but the establishment-attack on Dawkins which has its roots in a racially biased colonial mindset.

That a religion or a federation of religions can be mapped over ‘a group of people in a fairly well defined geographical area, associated with a particular set of ethnicities’ is true and fairly true in the cases of Hinduism and Judaism respectively. But with Christianity, Islam and Marxism that claim does not hold water. These are proselytizing religions and their claims are universal and their agenda global.  Islamism like Marxism provides a complete blueprint for a global totalitarian regime based on Shariat.

Islamism makes lofty claims that it attacks racism and as an alternative what it provides as a replacement is an Arab supremacist prophet cult. Islamism attacks the capitalism for making a woman commodity and as an alternative provides an iron-clad theo-legal package that dehumanizes woman as nothing but a valuable property to be protected beneath the veil.  And Islamist propaganda repeatedly speaks of a golden age of Islam in which science and art and philosophy flourished under the Caliphate.

Islamism is a movement towards creating that global Caliphate once again. Every social evil in a liberal secular democracy is used as another proof of the failure of the system and Islam is projected as the only global solution. This propaganda has been going on for several decades if not for last two centuries.