In 2012, the same Student Union bravely defended its principles by refusing an ex-Muslim society to be affiliated with its Atheist, Secular and Humanist society, citing security concerns. 

Sundas Hoorain, of the ASH society, called the decision “offensive and oppressive,” saying that young Muslims who renounce their faith need support for the problems they face in “coming out”.

She said: “It is deeply upsetting when, even in LSE, the students’ union, instead of saying we will support and accept you, say your existence is not convenient for us.”

In a spirit of solidarity, the ex-Muslim forum would like to praise Jesus and Mo and state our admiration for his empowering, important and deeply progressive, not to mention hilarious cartoon. Some comments from our forum members about his work:

“It's probably one of the best examples out there of how satire should be done. It's ingenious. Short and pithy, always witty and always making some brilliant observational point about its target. And it's never personally derogatory, unless by proxy to those who stake so much of their ego and pride in the religious institutions, dogma and figureheads that are the target”

“Jesus and Mo exemplifies the effectiveness of comedic satire as a tool for drawing attention towards uncomfortable truths. We should be as distrustful of religious organizations who seek to silence criticism through satire as we would be of political organizations who would seek to silence criticism through satire”