Oreos can be as addictive to the brain as cocaine, the authors of a scientific study have claimed.

Really? Tell me more.

To arrive at the conclusion, Schroeder placed rats in a maze which had two routes to different treats.

In a moment you will see how apt the words "To arrive at the conclusion..." are. 

One on side, they placed rice cakes and on the other they placed Oreos. 

After the animals had explored the maze fully, they were then left to choose which treat they would prefer to stay at. 

Speaking of his findings, Schroeder said: 'Just like humans, rats don’t seem to get much pleasure out of eating rice cakes.'

Yes, because there's more energy in chocolate biscuits than there is in rice cakes.

The results, which showed the rodents had a strong preference for the chocolate treat, were compared to those of an identical test involving drugs. 

One on side of the maze, the rats would be given an injection of saline while on the other they were given a dose of cocaine or morphine. 

According to Schroeder, the rats in the Oreo experiment spent as much time hanging around their Oreo zone in the food test as they did the cocaine zone in the drug test, showing similar levels of addiction.

Are you kidding me?