There’s Jenny McCarthy, the current “View” cohost, whose activism against vaccines (she believes they cause autism) has given rise to a website tracking just how many have died due to vaccine-preventable illnesses. Mariel Hemingway, of “Manhattan,” has, per a recent New York Times Magazine, devoted her life to health-food-store pursuits of filling her body with organic food and balancing her alkalinity, and has left acting behind in order to serve as a lifestyle guru for others (many of her tips, to be fair, seem completely manageable). Mary Steenburgen, promoting her movie “Last Vegas,” told a journalist a recent surgery left her with the ability to play the accordion.

And, most infamously, there’s Suzanne Somers, the author of some 24 books largely on the topic of wellness; her concept of wellness involves filling the body with hormones in order to fool the body into thinking it is not experiencing menopause. As shown on “Oprah,” Somers takes 60 pills a day, as well as injecting hormones into her vagina and rubbing them into her skin. The one-time “Three’s Company” actress has questioned the efficacy of chemotherapy as she promotes medical treatments not subject to the strict scientific method evaluation as, say, traditional medicine.