Luke Fleischman, the 18-year-old teen who goes by the name of Sasha and who has adopted the term “genderqueer” to identify himself, or their self, as Fleischman has personally stated to prefer singular terms such as they / them / their.

Fleischman was wearing a skirt to school when another student, whose name has not been released, set Fleischman’s skirt on fire, causing severe second and third degree burns. The 16-year-old assailant has been charged and will be tried as an adult for a hate crime.

Attacks like this are far to common, they may not all be this violent, but discrimination and bullying against anyone who chooses to gender identify as any other gender other than their socially assigned one is a major problem in the United States.

It does not stop with student on student bullying however. As reported across the nation, and discussed at length on Raw Story, a 13-year-old boy was suspended from his school for simply carrying a designer purse around.