CHILD also presents an informative page on U.S. states’ religious exemptions for preventive health care and medical treatment for children, which includes a list of injuries and deaths occurring to children subject to those exemptions (it’ll break your heart), as well as a slate of legal steps the organization is taking to overturn exemption laws.

Today I’ll simply re-publish CHILD’s list of religious exemptions forpreventive and diagnostic measures for U.S. children. Tomorrow I’ll give their list of the laws that exempt children from getting medical care on religious grounds.

Many of these exemptions were the result of lobbying by the Christian Science Church, which works nationwide to keep religious exemptions in place.  That is, of course, because their church dogma prohibits members from getting medical attention. They see illness and injury solely as the product of faulty thinking, and believe that ailments can be cured by prayer.  That is is a dangerous, child-killing belief. It is child abuse on a nationwide scale.