FFRF places giant “A” for atheism in Daley Plaza in Chicago

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its Metropolitan Chicago chapter are unveiling a unique “winter solstice” display Tuesday morning to balance Daley Plaza’s traditional and divisive, life-sized nativity display. The national state/church watchdog, based in Madison, Wis., and its area chapter, are placing an impressive 8 ½ foot tall, lighted “A,” standing for “atheist,” “agnostic” — an emblem by scientist Richard Dawkins, author of the blockbuster The God Delusion.  Read more about this display!



Nobody Needs 'Christ' in Christmas

American Atheists launched a major billboard display on Tuesday that declares Christmas is better without the Christ. The huge 40′x40′ digital billboard is located in Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. Using motion graphics, the billboard proclaims, “Who needs Christ during Christmas?” A hand crosses out the word “Christ” and the word “NOBODY” appears. The display then says “Celebrate the true meaning of Xmas” and offers a series of cheery words: family, friends, charity, food, snow, and more.

The commercial ends with a jovial “Happy Holidays!” from American Atheists.  The billboard sequence runs for fifteen seconds three times each hour. The campaign moves to a dramatic 3-board display at Penn Station next week, and continues through New Year’s Day.  Read more about this wonderful campaign!


FFRF sponsors “non-Sacramental” billboard blitz in Sacramento

What do nonbelievers do during the month of December? They “come out of the closet,” at least in Sacramento, in a way that cannot be ignored.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its new Sacramento chapter are unveiling 55 separate billboards in December around California’s capital city and suburbs, featuring the smiling faces and unapologetically forthright views of area nonbelievers.

The motto of the “out of the closet” campaign is: "Many faces make Enlightenment work." Each billboard pictures and features a different local atheist or freethinker, using his or her own words. More than 55 participants are involved, since some of the billboards feature couples, friends or families.

Read more about this uplifting initative and see the slideshow.