A year ago, shortly before the notorious rape case in Delhi, another rape took place in a small town outside the city.

A 17-year-old was walking home from her grandmother's house in the afternoon, when suddenly she was surrounded by young men who bundled her into a car and drove her to a secluded spot, where they took turns raping her.

They made a film of the attack on a mobile phone. It clearly showed eight men raping her, she says.

But when her case came to court, only four were convicted.

The young woman is from India's untouchable - or Dalit - caste. The boys were from a higher caste. Consequently, the boys were offered water as the case dragged on in the boiling courtroom, the teenager's mother says, but her daughter wasn't. And this is just one of many ways she objected to the court proceedings.

"The lawyers of the accused said her character must have been flawed, and they questioned what she was doing outside the home."