And thanks to Ontario’s naturopaths, I probably need a heavy dose of antihistamines to keep that reaction under control.

You see, naturopaths are trying to acquire some of the same powers as medical doctors — namely, the authority to prescribe powerful drugs and order tests from publicly funded labs.

The Ontario Medical Association is directly fighting this effort, citing — correctly in my view — concerns over patient safety.

There are some who claim objections by medical doctors are part of some grand conspiracy by “big pharma” to oppose “natural cures” for what ails us in the name of bigger profits.

The evidence for said conspiracy? About the same as the evidence the moon landing was faked.

There simply is none.

To their credit, the naturopaths themselves are attempting a more reasonable approach. They say they go through a professional education program similar to “allopathic” doctors. They say they are very serious-minded and having access to drugs and labs will improve patient care.