Greencastle, PA – The Greencastle-Antrim School Board apparently has a problem with the United States Constitution. Mr. Ernest Perce V, acting initially as the Pennsylvania State Director for American Atheists, Inc. and a long-time (and s0metimes controversial) activist in Pennsylvania, had received multiple complaints about inappropriate prayers being recited at school board meetings. In fact, Mr. Perce had personally attended one of these meetings to verify these complaints. He had personally witnessed the recital of The Lord’s Prayer” by the Board. The prayer had been recited after the meeting had already convened. As well, not only did the Board invoke the prayer,

But they led it, as well…

In a letter to the Greencastle-Antrim School Board, Mr. Perce asked the School Board to keep their sectarian prayers to non-official times. Here is a link to the PDF file of the letter. 

Mr. Perce’s request that they exercise their religious freedoms without encroaching the Constitution went summarily ignored. Mr. Perce returned with Mr. Carl Silverman, who was representing the Pennsylvania Non-Believers. Mr. Silverman and Mr. Perce addressed the Board regarding the issue, explaining the details of the problem. Ironically, this was done after the board recited the prayer. The entirety of the event was captured on video, and you can see there was no animosity, no anger, just an explanation of what the Constitution says, and the possible ramifications against the School Board if the prayers continue.

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