Richard Dawkins Foundation Videos and Vignettes

“Dawkins has done more than anyone else now writing to make evolutionary biology comprehensible and acceptable to a general audience.”   - John Maynard Smith


Richard Dawkins has been explaining the grandeur of science and reality for over 37 years.  He has introduced new ways of thinking about our world, and the beauty that lies within the boundaries of fact.  No myth or fairytale can compete with the elegance of his literary prose on how the world really works. He leads his audience to fathom the complexities of life through the simplicity of explanatory powers. Dawkins has inspired thousands to go into science, and millions to love science as they might art or music.  It is with this in mind that The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science first began its vignette series, to allow his voice to be accessible to anyone with internet access. Young and old alike can thrill to his explicative powers.



The Richard Dawkins Foundation has been producing videos and vignettes since our first release of The Four Horsemen and the lastest of interviews and science vignettes. Through our YouTube channel, our reach circles the globe.  With your help, we can open doors to new ideas on subjects ranging from science to philisophy to religion. But we can't do this without the financial support of people like you. Even a $20 donation can help us continue our work. Please, if you have enjoyed any of the videos or vignettes on our YouTube channel, donate now. 

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