The Purpose of Purpose – Richard Dawkins

Jun 19, 2009

During Richard Dawkins’ American tour in March 2009, he gave a talk titled “The Purpose of Purpose”. I travelled with Richard to these cities and filmed the talks, which I’ve edited together here. The content of the talk remains intact, while the editing moves between the different locations and Richard’s Keynote presentation.

Produced by The Richard Dawkins Foundation and R. Elisabeth Cornwell

Filmed and edited by Josh Timonen

See more about Richard Dawkins’ upcoming book “The Greatest Show on Earth” here:

This talk was given in Michigan, Minneapolis, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Filmed at:
University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, Minnesota
University of Oklahoma – Norman, Oklahoma
Holland Performing Arts Center – Omaha, Nebraska

Introductions by:
PZ Myers – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Barry Weaver – Norman, Oklahoma
Richard Holland – Omaha, Nebraska

Filmed and Edited by Josh Timonen
Shot on Red One #4809

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