I Kind Of Got Kidnapped By Richard Dawkins And Ayaan Hirsi Ali At The Global Atheist Convention


I have a problem saying “No” to people.

Especially if the people I’m saying “No” to are persistent, taller, famous and I can’t fire off a good reason to tell them to stay put.

A good reason, like “But the bodyguards think that you’re staying backstage here, and there’s no backstage crew near for me to tell them what you’re now going down the hallway without me unless I show you the way aren’t you…

…oh dear holy hades, okay, it’s this way


Backstage. The Global Atheist Convention. The Green Room. Snacks, a basket of biscuits, a large-screen television, a coffee-machine and lots of comfy chairs.

I’m here with Richard Dawkins and Geoffrey Robertson and assorted backstage crew. It’s the break and A.C. Grayling, Lawrence Krauss are outside signing thousands of books for lines of keen fans. While the crew are checking that everyone is happy, on time, and knows what’s happening next – Robertson demonstrates that he doesn’t know the difference between my laptop and an iPad; he keeps patting the screen and muttering.

Written By: Kylie Sturgess
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