Announcing the linking of comments on the current and beta sites

Jun 15, 2012

We are now linking this and future article postings for commenting purposes on both the current and beta sites.

You will notice that Disqus is the commenting applications used for both.

Please use this article to test this out if you like, comments made on either site on the same article will appear together.

If there are any issues please click on the green “report a problem” button on or send an e-mail to about an issue on either site.

To format text using Disqus for the time being you can use tags for bold, italics, links, and blockquote by inserting the html tags for those.

If you are unfamiliar with html you can find examples here for bold and italics, and
here for blockquotes

Known Issues


Comment count on the beta site is “stuck” at one 


Notes 16-Jun

A list of allowable html tags with Disqus is here

The issue with pending approval or comments containing a url has been updated. You can now post a url and your comment should appear immediately.

continue to source article at

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