The Magic of Reality – paperback release June 21


Paperback release date June 21, 2012 by Black Swan Publishing. Also available as an eBook. Preorder on via the links below.

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The Magic of Reality – – paperback – preorder
The Magic of Reality – – Kindle
The Magic of Reality – – hardcover
The Magic of Reality – – US hardcover
The Magic of Reality – – audio CD

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Written By: Richard Dakwins
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  1. Fantastic read. 

    If only this book was the basis of the science curriculum at school, i would have probably pursued a career in biology rather than in chemistry. 

    I immediately purchased ‘The Selfish Gene’. 

  2. I see this information is on a similar discussion on the old site.

      Comment 18 by Moderator
    Nitin – the paperback does have a few small illustrations by Dave McKean, but far fewer than the hardback.

    I personally think it is worth the extra to buy a fully illustrated version.

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