Allah ordered the execution


Note that YouTube has flagged the video below as content unsuitable for some viewers

Below is a Reuter’s report of a woman being executed near Kabul, Afghanistan by the Taliban this Sunday. It says she was accused of adultery and that Taliban members were ‘sexually involved’ with her, possibly via rape, and that she was tortured and killed to settle a dispute…

Watching the very disturbing video, I can’t help but think how alone she is in her last moments. She looks behind once and then faces away from the Islamist crowd.

I am taken aback by the fact that she makes no sound and no plea.

Men in the crowd say Allah ordered the execution with smiles on their faces after she is shot countless times in what seems to be an eternity.

At times like this I wonder how the world carries on

Written By: Maryam Namazie
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  1. I don’t think you should post stuff like this.

    A few years back I watched by accident a very nasty slaughter of a russian soldier in Chechnya, where he was butchered like a pig with close up angle and I got PTSD from that experience. I simply wasn’t the same person after that.

    People should work hard to be able to find these videos.

  2. Whenever these individuals waken up to the facts: that their brains were coaxed into thinking this way (unlike the billions worldwide who have lived and died never having been fed these Allah memes) , they will finally take responsibility for what they do, in their minds at least: that it is they who were misled, by the false idea of Allah, into the wrong ways that they feel! It is they who decided and carried out the execution due this. No one else. No Sky thinker! Those alone who are human have been tricked into killing another human and proclaiming this respectable. This whole set of ideas clearly is a lie!  

    No UNIVERSAL president, king, queen or dictator, ever issued such instructions: just plain old brains of plain old humans everywhere; messing with each others thoughts and feelings, to which they then react and issue ill intent based purely on themselves: thinking in flawed ways and feeling in flawed ways. 

    Their fear is what then makes them even more convinced it is not their own will. It becomes detestable to think it is they who wanted this suffering, absent any sky brain god ideas, Allah et al. If they accept this they must then think they might be open to retribution due those they have made suffer. Worse still the truth that they are truly deluded to have done what they did! Only then will they truly access the truth – the love of humanity for humanity! Of course their Allah cycle never ends, until the human brain they have owns up and openly admits to itself in its private moments: this kind of behaviour truly is inhuman and pure cruelty at its most horrid.

  3.  ” People should work hard to be able to find these videos. “

    No. People should work harder so that these videos can not be found.

    Murder committed and no justice forthcoming here. Religion used as justification for barbarity again. We have such a long way to go.

  4. It is time to stop tolerating  this mad religion. This is islamic justice. Next time you tolerate a mad mullah or a loud jihadist, you are tolerating this exact action.

    Make no mistake the ultimate goal of Islam and Sharia Law is bringing this very barbaric stupidity to every corner in the world.

    I can not bring myself to watch the video, it will make me more enraged.

  5. PTSD is the very natural human lifetime existential to millions of individuals – having to absorb life sentences under the sanctioned hatreds religion imposes as if UNIVERSAL SCIENTIFIC TRUTHS. The OP is showing us what religion is claiming to be “holy” and “true” , when in fact it is LIES and CRUELTY, INHERITED DEVIANCE and TORTURE.

    It is no wonder PTSD , under such dictatorial scripture, becomes the norm for how humans live out their lives per se!

  6. More proof, if it ever was needed, that religion poisons everything.

  7. This is the heart of Islam. This is the evil of a vicious, brainwashing, hateful, hypocritical and murderous cult.
    This is the enemy and the corrupter of humanity.
    How can one not be?

  8. Taliban are conspirators and hypocrites too. It may have happened that she must have been raped by so called Taliban fighters and then proclaimed by them that the lady was committing adultery..!!

  9. 9 rounds!  9 from less than 2 meters! Sheer Fucking Barbarity!   

    The insanity of islam strikes again.  One can almost see the infantile male ego cowering inside the filthy little minds of these delusional imbeciles.

    They commit adultery but only punish the woman.  They rape her but punish only her not the rapists.  Why? They can’t cope with their own inadequacy so they simply declare that Allah made her defective so she is worth less than man.  That is how they diminish womanhood so that their ‘manliness’ isn’t threatened.

    The mind of truly pathetic men whose idea of paradise in a perfect religion is getting to violate a whole coach load of virgins.

    Sons of Dogs!

  10. These people act with such ignorant confidence when they bring to a brutal end a unique existence. Similar things happen here in the guise of ‘honour killings’. Has the Muslim Council of Britain raised its voice to condemn this crime against humanity?

  11. A glimps into the deep, dark, distant barbaric past. This must be a doomed society surely.

    I wager that as soon as the so called “allies” withdraw from the country, Afghanistan will regress to its former backwardness. 

    Once again the lesson has to be learnt that invading that country is fruitless; in 1890 one Winston Spencer Churchill wrote to the effect that the Taliban were invincible on their home ground; they remain so.

    Many lives, and ten years, have been wasted because of the politicians’ hubris, and the vaingloriousness of the military top brass.

    I bet the ORs are really chuffed with their leaders.

    Will we never learn.   

  12. There is nothing that can condone this level of barbarity, there is no rationalization that can support this behavior. But unfortunately, rationality has nothing to do with it. And to double the misfortune, rational arguments won’t stop it.
    Makes my blood boil, but feel powerless to do anything constructive to address it. How do you counter a culture that will not listen to rational arguments. 

  13. I won’t watch it. I got mad seeing baby skulls on my daughters shoes. I hate death, I have no idea how anyone can smile in its presence. You have to believe in god to lack respect for life.

  14. So where are the apologists in the media…where is the soon to be ex-A of C and his beloved Sharia law…where is Benny baby and his invitation to ‘mutually respectful dialogue with Muslims’.

    Nothing…zilch…nada… basically ignored…religion does not do that seems to be the collective reaction!
    You can almost hear them chanting on their knees behind closed doors to a figment of their rancid imaginations.
    If they ignore it it will go away and the rest of the world will not  see the religion for what the religion actually is!

    Except it does disgrace humanity..and it does it proudly and it does it often,  and every religion wants to out do the other in the righteous stakes…cos  fundamentalism is nearer god, cos religion is the harbour for the bullies and  the incoherent, the mentally twisted and the reality challenged and above all the stunningly ignorant

    Religion is for expressing your personal insanity, your bigotry, your hatreds, your intolerance…your fear! in a way that cannot be construed as wrong, so very very wrong!
    It is the perfect cover for sadism and ignorance,  it is evil masquerading as benign, it is repugnant, misogynistic, racist and deep down it knows it.

    Because at the slightest opportunity they claim intolerance and repression…the slightest scratch will fester and their empire will fall, simply being balanced on the narrowest of ledges with the flimsiest of reason.
    And it seems their wonderful god is so inept and so shallow and so powerless that the mere act of looking at the claims in a critical way is enough to mortally wound…why if it was not for the dedicated followers the useless figment would have been criticized to death a long time ago!
    They have to be so vigilant…in case the phony is rationalized away!

    They fear, and in that fear they murder the weakest…it makes them feel holy and powerful and the fear recedes for a little while!
    It makes them think their god actually exists.

    These fools are not men…they are an abomination in the universe, not fit.
    Anyone claiming they are theist are not rational human beings.
    I shun them all…hypocrites!
    They do not deserve death…they deserve ridicule.

  15. Insane.  Cruel.  Unforgivable.
    I simply can’t/won’t watch this sickening act by cowards who dare pass legal, and moral, judgment on an issue (possible rape) they have no right to preside over.  Just reading about the last moments of this poor woman’s life is upsetting and has darkened my day. 
    I feel sick to core that this is still happening in the 21st century and I have to ask what the hell have Nato and allied forces been doing for the last 10 years.  I mean aside from getting shot in the back (literally) by local police have we really done anything?  Good men and women are being killed for what looks like a half-assed job at ‘reforming’ a country, either we go the distance and reform that backwater or we get out.  Although my heart says we should stay and help the men (the peaceful and rational ones), women and children create a better future, free from tyranny and oppression.  A future were women can lead the life they want without fear of death by the hands of brutal savages who smile (f**king smile) at taking a life and poison gas children (especially girls) attending school.        
    Forgive me for my strong tone but its acts like this that upset and anger me and I just wish there was something we could do to stop this madness.  As we all know however if we speak too harshly about Islam we offend its followers (we can’t have that) and we are branded Islamophobic but that does not mean we are wrong, quite the contrary in fact.
    Ok rant over and it may not be as eloquent as I would of liked but I just need to get this off my chest.

  16. I can’t watch this. It will only upset me too much but I wonder how many of these men who claimed that their favourite sky pixie ordered this to be done even believe in his existence. Clearly it would be suicide to admit you didn’t believe in Allah in such a country but one has to suppose that many people forced to worship Allah are also sensible enough to see through the nonsense of religion’s claims but are either powerless to do anything about it or just happy to be able to commit any atrocity and blame it on someone else.

    Also let’s never forget that the biggest murder of innocents in recent times came with the same supposed divine instruction. George Bush claimed that god told him to invade Iraq and a million people died as a result. A crime that no one has, or ever will be brought to account for. I see little difference between Bush and his vile cabal of liars and war mongerers and these barbaric savages  – no matter how repugnant your actions just claim your god told you to do it. Stone a gay person to death, shoot an innocent woman, fly planes into buildings, bomb an entire country in “shock and awe”. No matter, wasn’t my fault pal, my god said I had to.

    Religion poisons everything.

    If anyone has ever wondered how the old sci-fi staple of either time travellers from the future or a more advanced civilisation from another planet giving high technology to savages would really work out look no further than this. Bronze age barbarians with video phones and assault rifles. The technology doesn’t change the basic man inside. It just gives him better faster ways to kill.

    Civilisation isn’t digital watches and space shuttles. It’s the refusal to believe in that which has no evidence but only dogma to support it. The ability to think clearly and logically. The pursuit of truth not superstition.

    It sickens me that Islam breeds and indoctrinates these brutes but it sickens me more that in the supposedly enlightened west there are tens of millions of Christians, Jews, Mormons, Scientologists and assorted other bat shit crazy people like George W Bush who are really no better. They just do it a bit more cleverly and with the blessing of their Congress and their laws.

  17. Metemag, I sorry you had to hear about this. The modern world is flooded with images that make up angry and upset. I believe PTSD is cause by the inability to do anything about a situation that is unaceptable.
    Try to funnel your anger into action and into productive channels. Talk to others with your viewpoint.
    When 9-11 occured in the US, I was upset and angry for about a year and everytime the images were reshown on tv, it was like reliving it.
    I hope you can heal from these kind of things. And you need to know that your response was a humane and kind response from someone who has feelings about our fellow human beings.

  18. You can tell they are proud of their utter depravity…they knew they were being filmed and would be aware that it would be posted on line for a wider public perusal…bullies like boasting…none do it better then the religiously twisted.

  19. Well said Dave, you are exactly right. The entire world needs to grow up and let go of our mythological past. You cannot deal with these kinds of barbarians by claiming their fairytales are deluded however, our fairytales are true. 

  20. Anyone pay attention to the responses that a Muslim visitor gave to me (on an outside site – difficult to read…) about the treatment of women. Either he was in denial or cherry picking. There is a definite problem with moderates in this religion. They need to step up.

  21. Afghanistan will revert back to the seventh century when the west leaves. Ah well, sometimes you just can’t save the whole world.  

  22. (blockquote At least she was only shot./blockquote)

    Only shot??  Try humiliated, raped, tortured and shot 9 times.  Islam is a brutal and sickening blight on the world.

  23. Now unless Muslims in the UK condemn this act of pure hatred then I will be forced conclude this barbaric crime is justified in Islam. I need to hear the Imams and Mullahs denounce this murder. Invite some onto News Night and see what they have to say about it in public.I suspect it would be a very revealing insight into this most pernicious, primitive, threatening and dangerous religion. 

  24. Yes indeed, and Australians and a good few other nationalities.  On the other hand, we were (and are) the invaders, and we’re paying a huge price for our  impetuous adventurism, bound to end, I suspect, in total failure.

    But I guess that’s another argument.

  25. This atrocious display of barbarity towards a defenseless woman, absent any pity or compassion, reflects the extent of indoctrination incurred by those present.
     These delusional  cowards only bring misery and suffering to the world, predominately their own
    world, by cloaking greed, power and control as religion and truth.  
    My sympathy to her family and friends.


  26. Normally when I see the word disturbing, I feel somewhat adjusted to what to expect but this isn’t disturbing, it is heartbreaking to see the extent to which people can go for their own sadistic selfishness and beliefs. I have seen probably 1000’s of disturbing videos, but this one will not leave my mind for a long time. Islam is nothing more than an excuse for muslim men to be vile, dominant, and abusive towards women; they should be ashamed of themselves as what they call a peaceful society aided by Allah is nothing more than slavery and fear of being put to death by the monsters that abide within it.

  27.  This story created a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that lasted for a while. What astounds me is those that maintain ‘this is not what the religion really stands for’.

  28.  A clear warning on what the video contains should be sufficient. Make access to facts difficult creates its own problems.

  29. And there are still idiots in our society who believe passionately in the jaundiced dogma of multiculturalism.

  30. According to this logic, if a woman was raped by one man and then raped by another man, she would be cheating????? on which rapist? the first, both? WTF!  This culture is so backward and ignorant. for real?

  31. I must say, the video clip enlightens me somewhat, for I was unaware that the video camera or the AK47 were present in prehistoric Afganistan

  32. The current coalition approach of ‘we-don’t-want-to-shoot-you-so-please-don’t-shoot-us-or-blow-us-up-let’s-be-friends-please’  signals western war-fatigue, as does the narrowing of focus onto Al-Qaeda.While Emperor Obama in his to-peace suit makes truce entreaties to the Taliban, prior to departure, they don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, which is to know they are going to shortly be free of any western constraints on their savagery.

  33. They will do nothing but make excuses, explain it away, rationalize, equivocate, lie and blame it on others. The only reason any Islamic will denounce it would be to keep the $billions pouring in to their savage country. The police and the shooter are probably having a good laugh over this as we speak.

  34. They rape women then kill them so their imaginary “honor” can be preserved.  Of course, they wouldn’t know honor if it walked up to them and kicked them in the testicles.

  35. So we can’t get rid of the contemptible hate monger Abu Hamsa because of Laws that are designed to protect the individual from injustice whilst these barbaric murderers can simply take matters into their own hands and gun down an innocent helpless woman in the name of their god when they have finished with her. This is what Islam incubates. This is what Islam tolerates. I am waiting for Muslims in the civilised world to openly condemn this murder.

  36. Looking at this horrifying video only stiffens my feeling that their is no compromise position with this hateful religion. Our soldiers are fighting and dying in that premodern country that is a hardline Islamic state, what a waste of effort, I can only shake my head in disdain and disgust at the barbarity on display.  

  37. I agree. Those barbarians in Afghanistan are so ungrateful. We’ve had our soldiers there for about a decade, dropping bombs, firing artillery, killing civilians and yet many of the afghans remain barbarians and don’t appreciate our benevolence.

  38. I watched part of this video three days ago, I couldn’t stomach to watch it till the end. I felt as if an irrational hatred was running through my veins. If I had said something after watching the video, I would’ve repented later to have written harsh words against a culture (culture??) and a people (totally enslaved by religious dogmas). I don’t know what happened in the history of Afghanistan to reach this incredible level of barbarism. What are Western troops doing in that country? And all the money donated to the Afghan government? That country is so backward that when NATO and US troops are withdrawn, it’ll regress to the Stone Age. I would like to hear that the mullah and the village local authorities have been severly dealt with by the law.

  39. One has to wonder what sort of ‘heaven’ these deluded fools think they are going to after they’ve created hell on Earth. What sort of fluffy paradise are people expecting to go to as a reward for shooting defenceless women in the head ? It just defies imagination that anyone could be so deluded and stupid as to imagine cold blooded murder is going to be rewarded with eternal bliss. This delusion has historically been, and still is, the most pernicious evil in the whole gamut of religious twaddle……….and it’s time decent people put a stop to it.

  40. What has been happening to Afghanistan is that they’ve been invaded by various world powers, such as the UK, Russia, and the US for decades. An ironic fact is that of those three there actually was a government that supported a form of secularism and was a strong supporter of women’s rights. That was the government backed by the Soviet Union. It was that same government that was toppled by Islamic fundamentalists, including Al Queda, who were supported by the United States in the name of fighting Godless communism.

    So before you feel all superior to those barbarians and mock their culture keep in mind that we in the civilised west have been killing their civilians and interfering in their government for decades.

  41. “What has been happening to Afghanistan is that they’ve been invaded by various world powers, such as the UK, Russia, and the US for decades.”

    And that justifies these attrocities ?

    ” It was that same government that was toppled by Islamic fundamentalists, including Al Queda, who were supported by the United States in the name of fighting Godless communism. “

    And that justifies these attrocities ?

    “So before you feel all superior to those barbarians and mock their culture keep in mind that we in the civilised west have been killing their civilians and interfering in their government for decades.”

    And that justifies these attrocities ?

    Yes or no will do.

  42. The fact that she says nothing has been praying on my mind all week after I watched the clip. I think she was just glad to get it all over with. After all she had been through I think she was probably sat in a fog of mind numbing torment and dissonance. It has given me nightmares (not chosen dreams) since. Poor woman.

  43. The answer of course is no. And I would like to know what you tthink I said that possibly made you think I was justifying this.

  44. My point was that its easy to make self satisfied comments and stupid jokes about how ignorant and backward the Muslims are. I agree, the guys who did this were the lowest of the low. What is more constructive is to actually have a conversation about how this can be prevented in the future and a good starting point for such a discussion would be to acknowledge that our own governments have supported these misgynistic bastards in the past. In fact if you actually examine the people the US is supporting right now they aren’t really all that different when it comes to Islamic law and women’s rights than the Taliiban.

    Another good starting point would be to acknowledge that US troops kill civilians on a regular basis and also even rape women. And that when you have an occupyiing army in your country for over a decade it actually makes it easier for the most extremist scum to remain in power rather than have a true democratic process.

  45. It’s strange how all your ‘starting points’ conveniently manage to avoid the ultimate cause of this attrocity……Islam. One doesn’t need to look anywhere else.  However much you might want to ramble on about US foreign policy, international hypocrisy, blah blah blah, the plain simple fact is that the ONLY thing that actively encourages death for ‘adultery’ is religion….and Islam in particular.

  46. What exactly do you want me to say that I haven’t said? Let me try: Islam is bad. Islam is misogynistic. Islam is awful. I hate Islam. Are you satisfied yet? If not please tell me exactly what you want me to say that is negative about Islam and I doubt I would have any trouble saying it.

    Now could we address the issues I want to address? Do you actually care about the suffering of this poor woman? Or are you just interested in making endless comments about how bad Islam is because they make you feel good?

    Because if you actually care about this poor woman, if you aren’t just out to make yourself feel good by putting down Islam then you will want to address the question of how people like this got into power. And if you ask that question then it is highly relevant that the tax dollars of US citizens supported Al Queda and other Islamic fundamentalists who eventually became the Taliban. Those that do not understand the past are doomed to reapeat it.

  47. One last point. Here is why I think that people who aren’t hypocrites, people who have a genuine interest in the suffering of the woman in this video and the many, many women like her, here is why those kind of people should care about US foreign policy: The Taliban doesn’t care what I think. I can write endless comments here about what misogynistic pigs they are and it won’t change their behavior one bit. Hell, they want to kill me.

    But my government does care, at least in a small way. Things that are done with my tax dollars and that are sanctioned by people elected in my democracy are in a very small way partly my responsibility. I can’t change the Taliban but I can at least influence what my government does and I can try to make sure that they don’t support Islamic fundamentalists who will kill women like this in the future.

  48. The US Gov, as I recall, went into Afghanistan only to seek and destroy Al Qaeda 11 years ago. That they are still there now, a trillion dollars and many lives later, after building new roads, schools, power stations, mosques, hospitals and a new democracy (?), is a spectacular example of ‘mission creep’. 

    The worst creep though is Mullah Omar, now being enticed back to run for president by the current president.
    All this could have been avoided. It was a largely wasted effort.

    When the Taliban took control and scenes like the above were screened in the west, the horrified response was enough to boost support for the coalition mission.

    So why are we back at square one?

    Well, we should note that this punishment was not inflicted by Afghan government supported forces, but by tribal forces beyond their control. Nevertheless, it demonstrates the severe limits on what can be achieved by our intervention there. 

    One telling event was when the newly elected Karzai-led government were drafting a new constitution, with US advisers. The law of the land was declared to be based on Sharia. The very cause of the atrocities that brought about intervention.

    If you want to help the US administration, you should try and explain Islam to them. At present they will not hear any criticism of it.

  49. The sad thing is Karzai imposes this same backward Shari’a law on Afghanistan as do the Taliban. If we are going to back a dictator, you’d think we could at least pick one who was not the planet’s biggest drug dealer and most corrupt politician. We in the west can’t seem to grasp, that in heavily Islamic countries, the popular will wants a theocracy.  The poor Afghans had to put up with a decade of Russian invasion and no sooner were they gone when NATO invaded. They have shown remarkable pluck in kicking invaders out.  I think they thoroughly deserve to settle their own affairs even if they choose something quite different for themselves than we would.

  50. Clearly, this video is made by a Jewish conspiracy and the Muslim world is too busy pondering quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. to do anything about it.

    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

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