Atheists 101: Seth MacFarlane


During our monthly meetings, we have a segment called Atheists 101. It’s a time when we highlight notable atheists from around the world and throughout history. People featured have contributed to society in ways that are not necessarily related to atheism but we feel it’s important to show how atheists have influenced the world.

Born October , 26th 1973 in Kent, Connecticut. Seth MacFarlane is an Emmy-winning animator, screenwriter, producer, director, and voice actor.

He is best known for his involvement in the popular animated shows Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad! Most recently he co-wrote, produced, directed and was the voice of TED, his first feature film, which became a surprised hit at the box office this summer.

Why is he important in the Atheist community?
Seth has become a strong voice in the atheist community for his continued advocacy of atheist and secular views and critique of religion through his animated series.

Written By: Atheists United
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  1. Love Seth and Family Guy.  I am so looking forward to the remake of Cosmos that Seth and Neil deGrasse Tyson are working on.

  2. ‘One final tidbit, Seth is also currently involved in obtaining Carl
    Sagan’s collection of letters, notes and drawings for the Library of
    Congress and working on a remake of Cosmos.’

    Fair play to that man.

  3. Much love to this man! I admire how strongly he advocates for gay rights. It’s something I have always been passionate about also and am spending time thinking about how I can use my future credentials as an ancient historian/classicist to help the cause. 

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