Free School due to open in September 2012 will ‘teach creation as a scientific theory’


TAKE ACTION! Write to your MP and to Michael Gove to oppose the plans, and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do likewise.


A Free School due to open in September 2012 intends to ‘teach creation as a scientific theory’, the British Humanist Association (BHA) can reveal. Grindon Hall Christian School in Sunderland, currently a private all-through school but approved last October by the Department for Education to open as a Free School from this September, has a ‘Creation Policy’ on its website in which they ‘affirm that to believe in God’s creation of the world is an entirely respectable position scientifically and rationally.’

The BHA have also revealed that two groups approved to open schools from 2013 intend to teach creationism in RE.

Grindon Hall’s Creation Policy starts off by explaining that:

We will affirm the fact that “God created the world and everything in it”.  We will affirm that he did so “ex nihilo” – out of nothing.

We believe that God, as sovereign Lord of the universe, is capable of creating the world in a few 24-hour days, or over a period of millions of years.

It goes on to state that the school does ‘not share the rigid creationist’s insistence on a literalistic interpretation of the first chapters of Genesis’ and that ‘We are therefore very happy to believe that God could have created the world in six days.  But we do not feel that it is helpful to affirm it as an unarguable fact.’

However, it is clear that the school genuinely believes that there is genuine scientific controversy around whether or not God created the Universe and the world. The policy then explains:

we vigorously challenge the unscientific certainty often claimed by scientists surrounding the so-called “Big Bang” and origins generally.

We believe that no scientific theory provides – or ever will provide – a satisfactory explanation of origins, i.e. why the world appeared, and how nothing became something in the first place.

We will teach evolution as an established scientific principle, as far as it goes. 

We will teach creation as a scientific theory and we will always affirm very clearly our position as Christians, i.e. that Christians believe that God’s creation of the world is not just a theory but a fact with eternal consequences for our planet and for every person who has ever lived on it.

We will affirm that to believe in God’s creation of the world is an entirely respectable position scientifically and rationally.

BHA Chief Executive Andrew Copson commented, ‘Grindon Hall Christian School is a classic example of the so-called “teach the controversy” approach, often used by American creationist groups to get creationism taught in schools. Creationists do not argue that evolution should be taught; they simply argue that there is genuine scientific debate over the origins of the Universe and the Earth, and that therefore creationism should be taught alongside evolution.

‘The issue with the “teach the controversy” approach is that there is no scientific controversy over evolution and creationism: the scientific consensus is overwhelmingly in favour of evolution.

‘Michael Gove said that he was “crystal clear that teaching creationism is at odds with scientific fact”. So it is startling to see two Free Schools that intend to teach creationism in RE and one that intends to teach creationism as a valid scientific theory. Either the scrutiny to which bids are being subjected is inadequate, or the government’s policy statements are untrue.’


TAKE ACTION! Write to your MP and to Michael Gove to oppose the plans, and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do likewise. 

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  1. Dreadful news this certainly is, but i have written to successive MPs and Home Secretaries over the years and always received conciliatory but non-committal answers.We can again protest but one part of me says let these cretinous parents send their children to this den of idiocy and see how employable they are when exiting the madhouse at 18.Perhaps we just need to let the proof of the pudding lie in the eating?

  2. Michael Gove has ruled out religious fundamentalists running free schools so what is going on at the DfE that allows this to happen?

    There must be some constraints on what is taught even in a free school otherwise we’ll have mad houses teaching all kinds of Cobblers, Rubbish And Piffle.  Even where curricula aren’t constrained by a government imposed syllabus we must have teaching and learning which exercises cognition and development in ways which correctly reflect our experience and understanding of reality and not in ways which map reality to fucking silly ideas regardless of absolute evidence to the contrary.

    If grindon hall are ascerting they are making a ‘scientific claim’ for creationism then we ought to demand the evidence that supports this view AND which invalidates current scientifically derived explanations.

    Best of luck, meanwhile employers take note, a resurgence in irrational thinking is on the way, you may even find your businesses being run by astrology and you might consider making job applicants bear the burden of your incredulity.

  3. Hi AsylumWarden……because it’s the cretinous parents that need to be convinced and i doubt they will be convinced by rational discourse.

  4.  Don’t you know your Bible?  Mark 10:14 clearly states, “Suffer the little children…”

  5. The saddest part of this story is that the adults involved in opening this new school genuinely believe they are serving their childrens’ best interests by perpetuating this superstitious twaddle

  6. From The Onion:
    Christians are calling for public-school curriculums to give equal time to Intelligent Falling Theory.  They insist they are not asking that the Theory of Gravity be banned from school, but only that students be offered both side of the issue “so they can make an informed decision”.

  7. Perhaps the Lambton worm can rise from the depths of mythical death and consume the school before the first class!  I pity those children..

  8. They should definitly teach all the creation myths of history. Not just the Palestinian one. Some are pretty cool.

    All this in a compulsory comparative religions cours. There’s no way kids should be forbiden to learn about all religions in the world. The more they know, the less they’ll believe.

    But in history class, of course. Not in science class. You can’t put on the same stand chemistry and alchemy, astronomy and astrology, evolution and creation.

  9. Outrageous. I’ll be writing to my MP, Andrew Dismore, about this. Has a demonstration been organised against this? If not how can one go about arranging one?

  10. Man I LOVE that new title, it’s really catchy:
    ” God, sovereign Lord of the Universe”

  11. Personally I think this is a good thing.  We should allow children to hear about creationism as well.

  12. Gove is a pretty fundamentalist kind of RC clone.

    I do not expect this issue to be addressed by him.
    The D of E & E are weaselling with words.
    Had dealings with them before, they swore black and blue that creationism will never be taught in a British school, but the small print revealed they have absolutely no jurisdiction over private run schools like the academies, which were receiving very bad press at the time, now they decided to dub them ‘Free schools’
     …bit like Creationism morthing into Intelligent Design!

    This is the tactic the religios use when trying to camouflage their arse, just change the title of their depravity, fucking cowards and criminals the lot of them, they know they should not, but they cannot resist, like addicted drug addicts they run to suck from the teat of ‘cretinism’ whenever they can.

    They pretend that such a thing does not happen, OFSTED actually missed it totally in Gateshead for well over a year, shows how much they were taking notice the school went all innocent, but then their jeebus bone itched and they were back with starting to preach Homosexuality to the sixth year promoting that is was a  disease!

    Stephen Leyfield had left the Science department and the school to concentrate on ‘Truth in Science’, another fine name that only the chronically twisted could conjure up to spread the toxic sludge of ‘cretinism’ to other schools.
    But it seems his legacy lived on in Gateshead.
    Now they boast that they teach comparable religion and Islam through the bible…WTF !

    And they are still getting away with it only a little less bragging from the staff seems to keep it under wraps so to speak.
    OFSTED are babbling colonel Blimps when it comes to actually doing their job, amateurs and easily mislead.

    It was suggested way back then that is was the thin end of a very ugly wedge…seems to be accurate so far in that !

    But every department in government  promised ever so truculently that it would never happen under their watch, thing is the small print reveals another story, they have no jurisdiction over what is taught in ‘Free Schools’ when they deny culpability, or complicity even, it is only for state schools, which are diminishing in number year on year.

    The clowns that have jeebus as their hero know that and are going to use it…predictable and with a jeebus clone in ministerial oversight they will finally get it through…then it is established as precedent it is their wet dreams and all birthdays rolled into one.

    If this is not stamped on and hard…it will fester into an open sore.

    The SACRE’s will have their noses in this trough…if not orchestrating it.

    Had dealings with them as well…criminally ignorant and ever so fucking holier then thou!

  13. Not just Grinden Hall, but Sevenoaks in Kent and Exemplar in Newark this is from the Guardian


    So at least three creationist schools have crept under the radar now. So much for Goves comments that creationism would not be funded. How many more will get through before something is done about this idiotic policy.

    But that was always going to be impossible to police!!

  14. Ah Great Britain, currently taking a break from being a country to demonstrate the principle of “one step forward, two steps back”

  15. I rarely use internet acronyms because I think they are silly. But now I think there is one to describe quite accurately my reaction to this article: ROFL.

    I hope there is one smart kid in the class who asks the teachers to explain how the scientific method works, and as a follow-up question, what exactly then makes creationism a scientific theory.

  16. ‘We are therefore very happy to believe that God could have created the world in six days.  But we do not feel that it is helpful to affirm it as an unarguable fact.’

    Because He can do anything.  A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, mind you.  But since His Microsoft Outlook calendar is beyond space and time, we can’t presume to know His schedule.  We’re happy to believe He’s always extremely busy, however.  Just look at the amount of crackers He has to convert to His son’s flesh each and every day, for instance.  That takes more than a few God-hours!

    The existence of “God” is an unarguable fact, but His mission statement is still controversial, in other words.

    (The stupid… it burns.)

  17. Actually (now I think about it) aren’t the current free schools struggling to get the number of pupils they were expecting?  Aren’t these fundamentalist lunatic schools likely to struggle even more then? Surely this is a plan doomed to failure?

  18. Its all right! They’ve fixed the theist /creationist thing – The new OFSTED chief inspector does not listen to professional criticism from teachers or educators, and has a solid Catholic background!

    Sir Michael Wilshaw (born 3 August 1946) has been the Chief Inspector of Schools In England and head of Ofsted since January 2012.

    The son of a postman, Wilshaw grew up in a Catholic household in
    south London in the 1950s. He went to a south London grammar school, and
    then St Mary’s teacher training college in Twickenham. He later took a
    part-time History degree at Birkbeck, University of London while teaching in various London schools. At the age of 39 he was appointed head teacher of St Bonaventure’s Catholic Comprehensive School, also known informally as St. Bon’s, in Forest Gate, London.

    In 2003, he was appointed executive principal of Mossbourne academy in Hackney in London.

  19. We will affirm the fact that “God created the world and everything in it”.  We will affirm that he did so “ex nihilo” – out of nothing.

    So, you affirmations come ex nihilo? I appreciate your honesty.

  20. I don’t understand why these fundamentalists insist on trying to incorporate their religious myths into science lessons. Children need protecting from this sort of rubbish.

    My local high school has recently (disturbingly quickly and quietly) changed it’s status to ‘Church of England’. There was HUGE outcry at the parish council meeting when this was brought up by a concerned resident – the only person present who seemed to know anything about this. Local residents were not informed about this proposal, only parents.  An argument for the change in status was for the ‘Enhancement of school ethos for high standard of teaching in the context of Christian belief and practice’. Next step, creationism taught in GCSE biology?  I wonder how long it will be before teacher recruitment, retention and promotion is influenced by religious affiliation? That time is now… An advert for a new teacher says that it is ‘essential’ that they are ‘supportive of a Christian ethos’.

  21.  Sorry,but this is not a GB problem,Scotland has it’s own education system(not without it’s faults)and these so- called Free Schools do NOT exist up here.

  22.  Even if you DO believe that god magicked everything out of thin air at some arbitrary point you owe it to your children to give them the best, most current education you possibly can regardless of your beliefs.

    Yes, very clever, you’ve snuck creationism in under the radar. Now you can marvel as your children are unemployable in key industries unless they take the time to educate themselves properly outside of school. Who’s going to take on a medical researcher that doesn’t believe evolution shapes life (including bacteria)? Who’s going to take on a geologist that thinks god put everything there 6000 years ago? Who’s going to take on a teacher who can only answer ‘god did it’ to any questions asked of them?

    Employment is now a global marketplace and by teaching children your beliefs instead of the current scientific understanding you are hamstringing them in their later lives. You are consigning your children to the workforce equivalent of the scrap heap.

    Is teaching them your beliefs over the current best science really worth that?

    Is it?

  23. My worry is that we have lost this one. However by writing to your MP and to Gove we can stop the topic disappearing from view and hopefully happening again.

    Incidentally, people might want to do some digging around for “Atlantic Bridge” and the involvement of current Tory party ministers with it.

  24. I really don’t understand this regression to “free schools”. That’s precisely what we had – two hundred years ago? Funnily enough, it turned out that having all these different schools teaching whatever-the-fuck-they-wanted wasn’t so useful, so we started regulating them and brought the whole thing under the remit of law. Government sets the standards. Schools stick to those standards. Qualifications mean something and are common currency for the whole country. Useful. (Yes, perhaps not perfect and maybe poorly implemented at some times and places, but still useful)

    Now, we’re forgetting why this was ever done and devolving back to “hey, teach what you want, we don’t mind”. Very odd.

  25. How do they know it was their god that made everything?
    What about the thousands of other gods; did they help?
    Why does this xtian god hate indians, chinese and all other nations that he didn’t bother to show himself to. Are they all going to hell because they didn’t get “educated” by a free-school in the UK?

  26. Not at all. This is Goves big idea. Apparently abolishing a national curriculum framework will improve literary standards through a return to an emphasis on grammar, spelling, handwriting. Same for numeracy.

    Of course the National curriculum spelt out all these things at great lengths and the literacy and numeracy hours ensured time for them but obviously removing any legal requirement to teach it will ensure it will happen.
    It doesn’t matter anyway because two thirds of children in the future won’t be expected to sit an o’level anyway, because obviously what the UK needs in the modern age is the education system of the 1950s… 

  27. Saw great twitter comment this morning. They should be allowed the schools but only if they can build then in six days!

    Also, the assembly hall should be able to float and be big enough for a pair of every creature on the planet.

  28. Well, those other gods are obviously all fictional creations of pre-modern man, mere fairytales and fabulous inventions of people who didn’t know better.

    Now, Yahweh, on the other hand..

  29. Dear ‘SenOut’ et al. Up in the academically proud but wild West of Scotland, an application to buy a derelict, B-listed ex-school building is being considered by the Glasgow Community Education Asscn. A Muslim group wish to purchase Holmlea sch for an agreed price of £225,000 and turn it into an Islamic school – the biggest in ‘bonnie’ Scotland – with “gender segregated staff”. “Arabic and Islamic Sciences will be taught alongside a range of secular subjects intended to prepare pupils for university” – ‘The Southside Press’ of 21st June.   

  30. we vigorously challenge the unscientific certainty often claimed by scientists surrounding the so-called “Big Bang” and origins generally.

    “So called?” lol, yea because a “sovereign lord of the universe” is much more plausible. 

  31. I guess the upside is less competition for my daughters when it comes time to hand out the high paying jobs.

    Even the current education standard in public schools which teach evolution will keep me in business for ages. I tried to hire a new junior creative advertising copywriter. I had many resumes and a few samples of writing blog crap for not-for-profit sites (sites without standards) but no one sent in a proper portfolio. I challenged everyone who submitted a resume (which I probably didn’t read) to try and make two print ads (don’t worry about the graphics, I want copy) and send them to me. Of the couple dozen requests I made, only two gave it a shot. One was ok, OMD hired her. The other had never seen a print ad, apparently .

    WTF? The portfolio was the only thing you sent when trying to get into the creative advertising world. That is it! No creative no job. I don’t care where you served coffee during Uni, show me you can think. The best submission was a resume arguing why he shouldn’t get the job. I almost hired him, made me read the whole resume (which has never happened)… that’s writing.

    What pisses me off are these people who think they can get into advertising without having to prove they can do it. One girl complained the interview was too early for her. Could I make it noon? “No, don’t come in”. I would have hijacked a fucking car and been on my way before the phone was hung up.

  32. Yes they are. A hell of a lot are struggling to get anywhere near the number of pupils to fill their existing places. The only one that has managed and is oversubscribed is the Toby Young’s West London Free School – which is a school offering what the middle classes think a private school should offer – ie classics, classical music etc. But at the end of the day a school.

    Poll after poll of parents has shown that what they actually want are good, local, normal schools. Following the normal national curriculum and offerning normal qualifications so their children can go out into the normal world as normal people. So Gove could just fund what we’ve got! But this is Goves baby, free market in education, so it won’t fail financially, he will shore it up whatever the cost. And he won’t take criticism either.

    And whilst millions are being handed out to these schools, which aren’t filling even when they aren’t proposed by religious loons, real existing tried and tested schools are being literally starved of funds. We are now unable to offer all the A levels we used to. Unless a class has 20 students it won’t run. Killing subjects like drama, music, foreign languages, physics, further maths.. Yet creationist Examplar academy will get funding for a complete new build. And new school buildings are not cheap!

  33.  Ty for that,i have not heard of that horrendous proposal.
    Is it to be funded by the Scottish government or wholly privately?
    (Neither option is acceptable in my opinion (btw)

  34. Grundibular I don’t understand this regression to free schools but Gove does seem obsessed with getting rid of every advance made in modern schoolling. I’m sure he really does want to drag us back 200 years!

    However I don’t think Gove foresaw the sorts of people that would rush to open free schools. I think in his head he saw thousands of Toby Young clone middle class parents rushing to open schools that fitted Goves weird fantasy of education – some kind of mythical 1950s style grammar school, all lashings of latin and beating Jones Minor with a stick. And off down’t mills for those who couldn’t cope or whose parents didn’t want to run their own Gove style school.

    That may be the only way to reason with him, the fact his precious pet policy runs the risk of becoming a laughing stock due to the nutters taking it over.

    What was blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain was that free school legislation was an open door to the more extremist fringes of religion with a eye on indoctrination, or private schools looking for an alternative source of cash in a recession. And that is what is happening!

    Even if the DfE state creationism should not be taught – how do you screen that out in an application? All Everyday Champions Church had to do to move from rejection on creationist grounds to approval was change their name and say we won’t teach creationism. Simple as that. The people running it are the same creationist loons they were before. Gareth Morgan the creationist pastor is still there!

    And Ofsted are used to inspecting state schools, teaching a recognised national curriculum, bound by very strict legislation and offering standard exams. How exactly will they inspect and compare schools free to teach anything they like? And offering any old exams they like. How exactly do you inspect when freedom over what to teach and what exams to offer is the norm.

    The National Curriculum introduced standards of comparison into education and ensured every child was supposed to be taught the basics and not whatever crap somebody had pulled out of their head. It isn’t perfect and lunatics like Nick Cowan will slip under the radar, (mainly cos nobody expected something as stupid as creationism to happen in Britain) but it is so much better than a free for all for any nutter to exploit.

    By the time Gove has gone free schools and academies will have been the most expensive mistake any govt has ever made with the education of children. Whether education will recover is beyond me. But as someone educated in the 70s and 80s, pre national curriculum, I can tell you it is not a good idea. So I suppose for the moment all anyone can do is try and keep the nuttiest of the nutters out. Tho that will be increasingly difficult as the creationists get better at playing the system.

    The other thing to call for I suppose is that Ofsted be trained and required to look out for creationism in science, or as science in RE and for them to regularly inspect free schools.


  35. This is so backwards.
    Creationism commits way too many circular reasoning fallacies and besides Genesis (they are trying to lure them to believe it obviously) is obviously a mythological creation story.

    1) Earth is 6,000 years old: vs FACT: Earth is around 4.6 billion years old
    Adam/Creation to Noah/Flood – 1660 years
    Noah to Abraham – 440 years
    Abraham to Moses – 400 years
    Moses to Jesus – 2500 years
    Jesus to present – 2000 years
    2) Bible says Earth formed before the Sun (Genesis 1:1 and
    1:14-18)(sun/moon are the two great luminaries created in 16 [the fourth
    day] [earth is created in the first day])

    If you think some of the above are metaphors then obviously the bible is
    open to interpretation (and is mythology)(people with the same
    background, iq, and education will believe different passages or believe
    the same passages differently.) The bible is being perceived more as
    metaphorical over time since it keeps being discredited by more
    historical facts like the above. Mythology employs historical events, as
    allegory for or personification of natural phenomena, or as an
    explanation of ritual. It can also be interpreted literally. They are
    transmitted to convey religious or idealized experience, to establish
    behavioral models, and to teach.

    And yet they still bother to teach this nonsense.

  36. I can’t believe how ignorant, thoughtless or careless the majority of parents are that they have no interest in checking and determining what their children are taught, or by whom they are being taught. Schemes like this should be shot down the moment they are first proposed.

  37. If ever a story was not a surprise it is this.  There were always going to be two outcomes of the rush to free schools, one was that there was going to be a surge in faith schools and this was then obviously going to link on to those who were going to teach creationism.  As for the phrase “teach the controversy” say it for what it is brainwash children into believing your religious lies.

  38. I’m sure he really does want to drag us back 200 years!

    Well I have deep suspicions that Gove is a wannabee ‘Opus Dei’ clone.
    Had one of them before …Ruth Kelly…ex education minister and what a complete debacle of it she made as well!
    After basically admitting to no ‘faith’ in Local education schools while she was education guru…by withdrawing her child from the local school which was regarded by OFSTED as outstanding.
    They shuffled her off elsewhere after a very dull uninspiring lacklustre and incompetent performance…so much for her deities leadership!

    So dragging the world back to circa 13th/14th century is Benny’s dream therefore their dream…simples.
    Gove is a right-wing sycophantic fool  which also sits well with his ‘faith’.

    I do not think he has any compunction in issuing cretinist organizations licenses to run schools but possibly his right-wing leanings rather wanted as you say…

    thousands of Toby Young clone middle class parents
    rushing to open schools that fitted Goves weird fantasy of education –
    some kind of mythical 1950s style grammar school, all lashings of latin
    and beating Jones Minor with a stick. And off down’t mills for those who
    couldn’t cope or whose parents didn’t want to run their own Gove style

    That is the sum naivete of both the man and his dogma.

    I am not sure that ‘Free schools’ are under the OFSTED jack boot quite as much as other state schools.
    I think that as long as the national curriculum is mentioned in passing during a tea & cake moment all is well with her maj’s inspectorate…seems they have no powers to actually inspect at any basic level…but that was the information I received from the D of E…or whatever name they now style themselves, after a direct challenge and request for specific OFSTED rules of engagement

    A while back a County SACRE were boasting to news outlets about introducing Creationism in the area’s schools to ‘teach the controversy’…a measure they did not quite manage.
    (They had interpreted the OFSTED powers as toothless in this regard)

    The whole debacle was a brain fart of a chairman of the SACRE that saw a BBC documentary where RD had explained the process of evolution…said Chairman felt discombobulated and wanted to address the ‘scientific bias’

    But waging those types of challenges really drains…it was ongoing for a
    couple of months and involved Government depts as well as the SACRE
    The opposition was a combination of BHS and Secular Society as well as a Science forum of which I am a member and a few other sources.
    The heat brought to bare convinced the SACRE they were on a hiding to nothing…
    They retaliated by posting the jeebus drooling report they had commissioned complete with scientific errors and subjective twaddle on their website anyway and refused to remove it.(That after finally admitting it was compromised)
    Apparently their web-master was unavailable for a few weeks was their excuse for not removing it.
    The petulance and resentment was palpable, but the reason they posted was, I believe, a banner to other SACRE’s in Blighty about what they had attempted and failed at and hopefully another SACRE might find a way around the technical faults of their report…on which this bid had actually failed!
    They were boasting and revealing the blueprint of what did not work…a kind of heads up to other motivated SACRE’s if you will….simples.

    It was interesting and I was surprised at the depth of sheer bare faced ignorant dumbfuckery involved.

    I do not expect that level of ‘integrity’ on behalf certainly of one of the participants, to have changed much for the better in the intervening time.

    It still raises questions in my mind about the roll of the so-called  ‘moderate xians’ amongst the patent childish nonsense spouted by fundamentalists in their heroes name.

    As for the future of education…I have severe doubts that Gove is thinking beyond the next election.
    Scrapping GCSE exams does not sound particularly helpful.

    Not saying the content does not need consideration and possibly an upgrade of standards but the measures this muppet has regarded as ‘brilliant’ seem more to inhibit University places for the poor and underprivileged  then to insure an educated workforce for the UK.

    I rather think that employers are as much to blame for the chaos as anyone….
    They demand ridiculous parameters and seem fairly ignorant of what a degree or an exam actually denote.
    Saw a advert a few weeks back for an employer wanting  applicants to have a degree.,..(or similar) and 5 years experience in relevant field and three languages for a salary starting at minimum wage.
    Oh …and although age discrimination is  regarded as illegal…they seem to get around that by  declaring themselves ‘a young and vibrant workforce  engaging in contemporary techniques.’
    I think it was for work on a forklift with logistic insight…in other words ‘working in a warehouse’

    They really want the earth but are never prepared to pay for it.

  39. And yet they still bother to teach this nonsense.

    Well in my admittedly jaundiced opinion…Creationism is mainly supported by the ‘Born again’ evangelicals.

    The pool from which the ‘Born Again’ recruitment officers fish from is a murky muddy pool of inadequate and lower IQ bestowed flotsom & Jetsam of a society that basically have dismissed their relevance…a lot of ex-jail birds and druggies infest their ranks apparently.
    Others seem to be incompetent confused and just dim lost and vulnerable outcasts.
    They are obviously trying to fit in and the evangelical bunnies snap them all up like dandelion leaves in a famine.

    They victims of evangelical fervour are so relieved that at least someone takes them seriously that they are prepared to soak up any nonsense and reiterate it at a drop of a hat.
    They seem to think…no doubt heavily suggested…that the Creationist dogma is their price they have to pay for acceptance in a group.

    All the childish codswollop is there…never met a creationist that does not believe in heaven and has a more prosaic fear of hell…to such a degree that they think condemning someone to hell is the epitome of a curse and the ultimate condemnation on those that happen to disagree with them… and never met one that has ever actually read the  Old Testament…they are happy enough with Genesis but the rest they discard as ‘old fashioned’
    They all to a cretin fail to understand the history of xianity and are, if not surprised …outraged…that their theology involves the Judaic and Islamic traditions.
    They actually deny any connection and it leaves them rather flummoxed.
    They are never told of the link by the recruiters…only that their brand is the best brand and the only real one.

    They seem to take that one OT Biblical chapter as verbatim and the rest of their spiritual rag tag & bobtail ‘evidence’ revolves around jeebus!…at least a 2500year b’twixt ‘n’ b’tween their basic dogma and their ammunition to support it….the cognitive dissonance is breathtaking in its utter banality.

    Indeed a legion of zombies and generally brain dead to the nth degree.

    That this hodge podge bollix gets to be seriously considered as relevant in the 21st century goes beyond ridiculous…it is in fact a sad indictment of the political dummies that think it a good idea!
    Mind you…we only get what we vote for!…or do we!

    Seems all three major parties in Blighty have their fair share of dumbfuck members.

    Ya pays ya money ya takes ya choice…or not…as the case maybe!

  40. In a recent conversation with some believers I old them that my closest friends and advisors were fairies at the bottom of my garden.
    They expressed disbelief in much the same way as my disbelief in their fairy.

  41. Time after time the education secretary Michael Gove told us that there would be no creationism taught in British Schools, as far as i am concerned these free schools were always going to be a way in for this religious brainwashing.  The ball is now in your court Gove, tell us what you are going to do about this or as I suspect you are happy the way things are.

  42. I’d agree the main purveyors of creationist bullshit do seem to be the born again evangelicals, who also seem to think they have some kind of mission to convert as many folk as possible to their way of thinking. You’d almost get the impression they thought getting into heaven is based on some kind of comission. I had never in my life come across creationism in any way shape or form till I came across the born agains three years ago. But that is what makes them so dangerous. They cannot open a school for any sort of reasons of social justice or inclusivity, they will open a school to save souls as well.

    And I’d also agree that they really are an odd bunch with either lower IQs than average or vulnerable or socially inadequate in some way. I do have lots of friends who are from the more mainstream older  sects and not one has ever tried to bring me to Jesus or has expressed any doubts about science or appeared in any way insane or thick in conversation. And all manage to do their jobs without feeling the need to gain conversions. But I’ve yet to meet a creationist who doesn’t frighten the life out of me, think they’re right and believe any old crap whilst disbelieving mountains of evidence. There is genuinely something wrong with their ability to reason and they genuinely cannot avoid trying to convert at every opportunity.  

    And we did get what we voted for. Free schools were in the Tory manifesto thats why Toby Young voted for them. But anyone with half a brain could see they were a gift to creationists, jihadists, extremists and any other lunatic (scientologists, Steiner, etc) who wished to indoctrinate children from an early age.

    Real schools are suffering the biggest funding cuts I’ve ever seen. We’re droppong smaller subjects at gcse and A level, like music, drama,physics (my subject chemistry is only safe cos its needed for medicine/veterinary medicine/dentistry) etc. If it doesn’t get 20 students now it doesn’t run so Gove is talking bollocks about increasing choice.
    We’re losing teaching assistants that allow some of the kids with special needs to remain in mainstream schools. We’re losing teachers as well. And schools are falling down whilst waiting for refurbishments. Yet dumb creationist idiots will  get millions to build schools nobody wants to attend. Exemplar were applying for a new build school – thats not cheap.

    I’ve honestly never seen an education secretary f%@*& up so badly before, and I taught when Ruth Kelly was there. Gove really is destroying education.


  43. thebaldgit, Gove did indeed say that no creationist schools would get through, but how exactly do you police it? Examplar was refused months ago under its old name of Everyday Champions specifically cos the DfE recognised it was a creationist church behind it. All it had to do was change its name and detach its obvious links to the church. Pastor Gareth Morgan, the creationist idiot who stated the churches creationist ethos would permeate the whole school and not just RE is still chairman…. whilst they’re getting money to build a new school two existing ones are desperate for money for basic refurbishments.And I suspect this particular school is in an area that may be short of school places, meaning even parents who wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole normally may find it their only availble school. It has to be stopped really as do the other two.

  44.  The ECLJ seems to be  the mummy skirts that the religiously deluded flock to hide behind and suck their thumbs and blub that the big boys are being beastly to them in the playground!

    Honestly read the issues on the home page…95% are religiously motivated gripes that they cannot get their way!

    The page you linked to is an absolute travesty of biased reporting.

    No idea who wrote it but in the first paragraph…not even that… the ruling is alluded to with obvious resentment and petulant whining…

    The rest of the piece it evokes the unfairness and intolerance in the council…even accusing it of hyperbola in the ruling and dregs up the ‘Dissent from Darwinism ‘ scam that the Discovery Institute dreamed as a brain fart a while back.
    It was supposed to have represented a ‘balance’ that was not heeded to in deliberations.
    And they are not happy campers.
    The page…and therefore the ruling… was circa 2007 and that ties in with the DI shenanigans.

    But the point is that you can guarantee that ruling will be challenged year on year until they get their way.
    Not sure it still holds sway but I would like to think so.

    Seems Gove is ignoring it whatever…as the Tories do to any ruling from Europe if they can…for them it is a matter of principle rather then rejecting an erroneous law.

    So effing’ rabid about European matters they all ministers are now shutting their eyes and closing their ears to any comment from Europe.
    Lest backbenchers start chewing their raggedy asses for fraternizing with the enemy.
    Even if that means allowing creationist bollix to pollute schools in Blighty.

  45. thbaldgit, Gove did indeed say creationism shouldn’t be taught but policing that must be nigh on impossible. All Everyday Champions Church seemed to have to do after it was turned down for being overtly creationist was change its name to Exemplar Academy and bobs your uncle it gets approved. Gareth Morgan the creationist pastor in charge who clearly stated that creationism would permeate the ethos of the school and not just in RE is still in charge
    but the school has been approved for opening in 2013 unless something can be done to stop it. And there does seem to be some window for stopping it.

    And its original bid was for money to build a brand spanking new school! Yet two existing schools in the region are struggling to get money for essential repairs.

    Two of Goves non creationist free schools due to open this Sept are in trouble for not getting anywhere near enough applicants. However I suspect Exemplar has applied for an area where there don’t seem to be enough existing school places. Which means that people who would not touch it or its creationist ideas with a barge pole may find it the only school with places. Coupled with the stuff going on with the NT over on the Giants Causeway I feel like I’m being sucked into some horrific nightmare where we’re all being dragged back into the dark ages. Except it isn’t a nightmare. How on earth did we get to a stage in 2012 where primitives are getting money to open schools?

  46. @OP –  We believe that God, as sovereign Lord of the universe, is capable of
    creating the world in a few 24-hour days, or over a period of millions
    of years.

    News for science/astronomy duffers:

    – The Universe existed for BILLIONS OF YEARS before the Solar system.

    – The accretion-disk & Solar System existed for millions of years before the Earth formed from proto-planetary collisions.

    – 24 hour days, are a property of Earth, and a geologically recent one at that. 

    The early Earth had 6 to 10 hour days for millions of years, before its rotation gradually slowed to its present 24 hour rate.  It will slow further in the future because of continuing tidal drag.

    Education is NOT: god-did-it for dummies, of by dimmies – it involves teaching researched FACTS!

  47. Unfortunately Grindon Hall is now confirming its offered places for this Sept to teach god-did-it–for-dummies. Which suggests a point of no return has already been reached. And one of the directors is John Burn, a clear advocate of creationism in education for the extreme christian Christian Institute. 

    There is still a chance to stop Exemplar, but Seveoaks looks like it will open as well.

    It took ages to get to the point where education had become the teaching of researched facts, years of civilisation to get to that point. And now it looks like the days of teaching researched facts are numbered. Sacrificed to Goves ridiculous pet policy :-(. 

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