Military funds marriage seminar by Pentecostal fans of Newt Gingrich


Fort George G. Meade, Maryland is a high-tech media-savvy military base. It’s home to NSA, the new United States Cyber Command, and the largest joint Public Affairs training academy – Defense Information School (DINFOS).

 Fort Meade is a little brainier than most bases… So, how the hell did this happen?

Fort George G Meade marriage seminar by Pentecostal Christians who endorse Newt

*If you want to see the original advertisement, click here before the Fort Meade official facebook page takes it down.*

Mike and Trisha Fox run the website Marriage For Today, and travel the region doing these seminars. They also write books and really awful columns on the topic. They also appear on television standing up for the worst Christianity has to offer. This really is a perfect storm of stupid. I can’t believe this happened at Fort Meade.

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

1) It’s illegal!

Fort Meade’s ACS / FAP can’t provide a such a forum for evangelicals only. Where is the support for all the other religious demographics? Why didn’t they adhere to Joint Ethics Regulation 3-211?

Written By: Justin Griffith
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  1. Mike and Trisha said ” For us He made sex to be more than just the joining of two
    bodies for procreation. He made it so that when we join another person in sexual
    union, a spiritual union of sorts takes place at the same time.”

    Tell that to any woman who has ever slept with or is still sleeping with a handsome, WASPY bastard who treats her like shit.  Seriously.

  2. Note how the poster shown to the soldiers camouflages that is a religious pitch. What do you expect from Newt but dishonesty?  If the workshop charges, they could have some people angry at the deception.

  3. This is just another example of how the conservatives are jumping on the bandwagons of these middle class, low IQ evangelicals to promote their party. I’m not surprised. Just watch Fox News.

  4. But we Christians are so maligned, we HAVE to resort to subterfuge!  Trying to take away our Ten Commandments, prayer out of school, etc. – this’ll learn them seculars.

  5. The military is often offering marriage enrichment weekend getaways.  They are typically free and even provide free child care.  Living in Brussels I almost took them up on one offer for a free 3 day trip to Paris but just couldn’t bring myself to it.  🙂

  6. Good grief. I will say, however, that Fort Meade is right across the street from the best Chinese restaurant in the state, so it has that going for it!

  7. The army is light-years behind in secularism.  Units have a dedicated chaplain whose job is to provide services to those who want them.  While this might be benign in its intent, in practice the military projects that spirituality is necessary for the individual to be “healthy.”  It’s a self-propogating disease, because the establishment of a chaplain and religious activities at least insinuates non-secularism and at worst pushes religion – it’s a fine line the military is walking by including religion as an institution within its institution and in the wrong hands is far too easy to abuse in a hierarchical command structure like the army.

  8. I know; it sounds like an oxymoron to me too.  On the other hand, Newt’s had more marriage experience than many folks.  Wonder what his wives think about it.

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