Mr. Deity and the Hitch

24! Timmy tells Mr. Deity that Hitch has arrived at the Pearly Gates.

Written By: Mr Deity
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  1. I fear Mr. Deity also suffers from non-gaffawmicrosis, but, sadly, seems oblivious to his ailment.

  2. “Good riddance, I’m glad that warmongering drunk is dead.”

    Indeed. I, too, am glad that YHWH is dead.
    As for Hitchens…

  3. …warmongering drunk is dead.

    Wrong on two out of three I’m afraid. Guess which one ya got right?
    From a live warmongering drunk.

  4. Usually I find that series mildly funny but that one was hilarious, I can really imagine Hitch giving them hell so to speak.

  5.  I agreed with his atheism, I deplored his stance on Gulf War II. I just wish I could have had a few minutes with him to ask, ” Sure, Saddam Hussein is a murdering pig. What makes you think that the dumbfucks in this administration can do it with any degree of competence? They might be good at getting elected but beyond that these guys couldn’t run a gas station at a profit if they stole the customers’ cars!” I’m a bit surprised that Richard didn’t rip Hitch a new asshole over that stupid war, given how little regard Richard had for Bush, Blair and the rest of the boneheads that started it.

  6. Tonyinchpractice- Boy, that is one nasty thing to say, have you got anything more constructive to offer? 
    Although I do get the sense that Hitch probably would have quite like being called that- so cheers to the Warmongering drunk!!!!

  7. I disagreed wtih his stance on the second Gulf War as well. I was sometimes a bit perplexed at how someone so brilliant could seem to have confidence in a boob like Bush. Hitchens did such a great job of showing the hypocrisy and dishonesty of Clinton but why he couldn’t see through Bush, who was ten times (at least) worse always perplexed me. But he was the kind of guy I would have loved to argue with.

  8. Can we please avoid derailing the thread onto discussion of the Iraq War. We are well aware that it was a divisive issue, but are not prepared to have every single thread that relates to Hitch disrupted by having it all rehashed. 
    Thank you.
    The mods

  9. Oh yes! Best yet – even the convesation with mary at the start. And the cameo for Mother Theresa. Brilliant. Good trubute.

  10. So sad to see a fellow fan of “A Bit of Fry & Laurie” spouting such nonsense.

  11. Why would that prevent mr. Deity from arranging him to be in the same room as Hitch? 😉

  12. Small detail… It was Johnnie Walker Black Label that Mr. Hitchens imbibed, not whatever they had in the video. I know, and will never forget, that small detail because my atheist buddies and I had a Johnnie Walker house party the weekend after he died. (That none of us walked away from…) We must have sung the Drunken Philosophers Song a million times.

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