NSS Conference: Challenging Religious Privilege in Public Life


This year’s National Secular Society annual conference, which is being co-sponsored by RDFRS UK, brings you seven of the biggest names in UK secularism:

  • Richard Dawkins
  • Secularist of the Year Peter Tatchell
  • Nia Griffith, MP
  • Maryam Namazie
  • Nick Cohen
  • Pragna Patel
  • Prof Ted Cantle CBE

The Central London venue is easily accessible and offers plenty of break-out facilities for discussions and workshops.

And don’t miss the ‘secular fair’, where you can meet people from a range of secular organisations, including the Secular Medical Forum; Survivors’ Voice Europe; the Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Students Society; the Lawyers’ Secular Society, local secularist societies and more. If you would like a stall at the fair for your secularist organisation, please email enquiries@secularism.org.uk – there’s no charge, and stallholders also get two free passes to the conference itself.

The NSS is offering this conference at cost price, as a ‘Thank You’ to members for supporting the society and to encourage others to find out more about why secularism really matters in 21st century Britain.

Tickets are therefore being offered at the amazing price of just £35 per person – which includes buffet lunch and refreshments. And if you’re a student, we have even better news: thanks to the generosity of the donor of a special bursary, the first 50 student applicants will be able to attend for just £10 each.

What last year’s attendees said:

“I almost didn’t go to the National Secular Society’s 2011 conference on secularism. But I am so glad I did … I then spent the rest of the day listening to passionate, thought-provoking speakers talking about incredibly relevant national issues which I think can be summed up as: the influence of religion on national life.”

“Everyone I spoke to said they’d had a wonderful day. Well done. I’m already looking forward to the next conference.”

“It’s been brilliant … Keep up with this formidable work.”

“It was perfect: moving, funny and informative. Thank you so much.”

For full conference information and to book your place(s), please click here.


Written By: National Secular Society
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  1. Oh damn!! I’ll be in Manhattan! I won’t be in London until November 23rd. I would love to go.

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