Portland Humanist Film Festival


Join us for the third annual Portland Humanist Film Festival, which will present feature, documentary, narrative and animated films that give expression to the humanist approach to life, based on reason, science, and ethics. A precise film and speaker schedule will be announced in the coming months.

Submit a film for the 2012 festival: at Cinema 21 Coming for October 2012:

• Again this year we will be calling for submissions
to the Portland Humanist Film Festival 2012

• Juried Independent Films

• Documentary, Narrative, and Animation:

Details to be announced

How to submit a film

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  1. According to Huffington Post, I’m proud to say Portland has been rated as the ‘least religious’ city in America.

  2. As for the all important munchies, I hope the candy section has Darwin/Dawkins gummy fish :p

  3. If I may, a re-wording of the famous B. Kliban poem:

    Love to eat them fishes
    Fishes what I love to eat
    Bite they littles heads off
    Nibble on they tiny feet

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