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Washington DC, Thursday July 26, 2012 – The Board of Directors of the Clergy Project would like to announce the appointment of a new acting Executive Director.

As we move forward with our organizational goals, Catherine Dunphy former Chaplain and Board Secretary has been appointed by the Board of Directors to the role of acting Executive Director of the Clergy Project. Catherine has been a member of the Clergy Project since its inception in March 2011.

“Catherine has been an integral part of the Clergy Project from early on, working closely with outgoing director

Teresa MacBain, the rest of the organizers, the screeners, and the board. She is the natural choice to succeed Teresa as acting director. Her dedication to the cause and her professionalism are noteworthy and deeply appreciated.“  Dan Barker, Co-President Freedom from Religion Foundation

“Catherine is a perfect choice for The Clergy Project. She is one of the ‘founding 50’ and has been a driving force within TCP since its inception.” Teresa MacBain, Public Relations Director, American Atheists

About The Clergy Project

The Clergy Project is a private, invitation only, online peer support community for active and former clergy who no longer hold supernatural beliefs – to date we have over 300 members and growing.

Our members who identify as atheist, agnostic and freethinker, use the forum to network and discuss the challenges of being an unbelieving leader in a religious community. The Clergy Project private site was launched in March, 2011 – our public site was created in October 2011.

The Clergy Project’s public and private websites have both been made possible with the continued funding and technical support of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. Members of the public can submit donations on behalf of the Clergy Project; Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science;, or the Freedom from Religion Foundation;

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  1. I don’t believe any pastors do really believe in the God of the Bible because they can not justify the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the Bible from a Christian perspective; especially not from a fundamentalist Protestant perspective. Most of them have never even studied Judaism. They don’t know what they are talking about, really. Showmans, most of them, who had never bothered to ask the Jewish people, ” Hey, what is your perspective on the OT?” That, to me, is an instant disqualification. If they cared about truth, they would have asked, investigated, etc… Ask any of them to name which passages in the NT are actually Jewish idioms of the 1st Century.  I doubt they know. Sorry if this offends them.

  2. as Lewis Black once said “…if there is something you don’t know or something you don’t understand, there are Jews who walk among yooouuu.” lol

  3. Catherine has been an integral part of the Clergy Project from early on, working closely with outgoing director.

      Then she should do fine.  Best of luck in the new job, Catherine. 

  4. I’m surprised that all pastors don’t end up as atheists. (Or maybe they secretly do!) As a pastor it’s your job to think about these things, and the more you think about religion the less sense it makes.

  5. I think The Clergy Project is a marvellous idea. If only they had enough money for retraining, or should I say, “rahabilitation”. I am looking forward to “The Imam Project” emerging somewhere in the Middle-East.

  6. I’m sure they all doubt, but by the time they get round to the real doubting, they have invested so much emotionally, intellectually and probably financially (opportunity cost) that they just stick their heads in the sand and invest more.

    Unlike the stock market, they don’t get a margin call to force them to face the facts.

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