URGENT: Tell the President to Speak Out for Jailed Atheist Alexander Aan


Sign the petition at Whitehouse.gov

By now, you may already know the story of Alexander Aan of Indonesia: Earlier this year, after stating on Facebook his doubt about the existence of God and posting some satirical cartoons about the prophet Muhammed, Alexander was attacked by a mob, arrested for promoting atheism, and convicted of “disseminating information aimed at inciting religious hatred or hostility.” He was then sentenced to two and a half years in prison and saddled with an exorbitant fine. We at the Center for Inquiry have been working to win him his freedom with demonstrations and through diplomatic channels, and now we need your help to bring the President of the United States to his cause.

We have begun a petition at the White House website asking the Obama administration to call upon the Indonesian government to immediately release Alexander and better protect the rights to freedom of expression and belief for religious dissidents and nonbelievers. You can sign this petition right now.

But it’s not enough to sign it and go on with your day. To guarantee a response from the Obama administration, this petition must receive at least 25,000 signatures within 30 days. So after you’ve signed it, it is crucial that you ask as many of your friends, family members, and social network connections to do the same, right away.

Alexander is counting on us. In a letter he recently wrote from his cell, he told all those who have been working on his behalf, “Thank [you] for support and love. Without this I feel alone.”

We can make this happen. Sign the petition, share this email, and post the petition on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the Internet. Let’s make the president take notice and respond to our voices and to the plight of Alexander. Let’s not let Alexander down.

Written By: Center for Inquiry
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  1. In order to sign the petition you have to register as a member of ‘We the people’ by getting a whitehouse.gov account.
    So, is this ‘Americans only’ or can any ‘people’ join ?
    I certainly hope President Obama will be able to convince the Indonesians to release mr. Aan.
    Indonesia should end their ‘mandatory religion’ policy, the sooner the better.

  2. Good point GBile. I think all atheists, not just the American ones, have an interest in seeing Obama speak up. Any feedback on that “we the people” business?

  3. I looked through their terms of participation and their FAQ, and it didn’t say anything about needing to be a resident of the US.

    Who can participate in the We the People platform?

    Anyone 13 or older can create or sign a petition on WhiteHouse.gov. In order to participate in the We the People platform on WhiteHouse.gov, users must create a WhiteHouse.gov account and verify their email address.

  4.  just signed up and signed the petition

    i’m from the uk, the entry for the zip code during sign up is optional, i left it blank

  5. Hi! I am from the Philippines and I was able to sign up for a member account and have signed the petition. 🙂 I hope Alexander Aan would be released.

  6. OK, signed up. Now I just need to check the email confirmation when I get home because I have no idea how to do that from work. Yes, I know I can go somewhere and put in a password, I just don’t know where or which password.


  7. Signed, hope it has the desired effect.If you are registering from the U.K. site will accept postcode in lieu of zip code.

  8. Why doesn’t Obama just do the right thing without being petitioned?  He doesn’t have the courage.  Otherwise, he would have already said something.  I hope I’m wrong.

  9. LOL, people still don’t realize Obama is a pandering automaton and a slimy politician, not a real leader interested in anything of substance.

    It’s quite pathetic how people still expect these things from him.

  10. The petition is making the rounds on youtube, but it needs to be featured by more of the larger channels. If you PM the people you know who have larger subscriber bases, this can spread very quickly. Let’s campaign, people!

  11. This obvious ridiculous piece of injustice should be mentioned by all politicians(except of course Musloids ) to send a message to countries who embrace such moronic rules that the civilised world holds them in much scorn.
    Imprisonment of Alexander Aan is an act of barbarity.
    Mind you if the same event had occurred in Soddy Barbaria he would have probably been beheaded.
    It’s time the civilised world condemned outright the dogshit dogma of Islam.

  12. I’d be very surprised if the petition goes very far until after the election.  The “thumper” vote is not terribly energized behind Mormon Romney and I suspect Obama will do little to incite them.  Given the set-backs we might incur with a Romney win, I am probably okay with that.

  13. I signed when it was just under 4 000 signatures last week. Now there are only 500 more. Twenty thousand still needed before the end of August.

    I agree with the posts that suggest that modern world politicians should have had something to say about it already and in bulk.

    I come from a country that had untold criticism foisted upon it from around the world. I personally think that religious hatred, hositilty intolerance and the resulting injustice is a far greater threat to world peace than apartheid ever was. Why not the same denigration?

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