Ape ‘Genius’ Smarter Than the Average Chimp


A battery of tests examining intelligence in chimps found that some consistently score better than others.
One chimp in particular, an adult female named Natasha, scored far better than other chimps was classified as being “exceptional.” No one factor seems to affect intelligence, but instead multiple skills could explain why certain chimps seem smarter.

Certain apes appear to be much smarter than others, with at least one chimpanzee now characterized as being “exceptional” when compared to other chimps.

The standout chimp, an adult female in her 20’s named Natasha, scored off the charts in a battery of tests. The findings, published in the latest Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, suggest that geniuses exist among non-humans, but that no one attribute constitutes intelligence.

Instead, a perfect storm of abilities seems to come together to create the Einsteins of the animal kingdom. Natasha’s keepers at the Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary in Uganda knew she was special even before the latest study.

Written By: Jennifer Viegas
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  1. Is this the entire article, or has the link to the full thing not been included?
    I already know that some animals are smarter than others – I’ve watched Lassie and Benji the Hunted. I’ve also had to put up masking tape on my patio door so that my own dog stops giving himself a concussion every time he sees a neighbour’s cat in the garden and decides to show it who’s boss.
    Even wasps can occasionally tell the difference between a pane of glass and empty space, so I’m aware that he’s no canine Stephen Hawkins.

  2. Could uncertainty be considered an attribute of genius?
    “Mr.Schrodinger,we’re from the RSPCA,we’d like like to ask you few questions…

  3. I like the look of contemplation on her face. I wonder what she’s thinking? (On a side note, I was wondering if people ever mistakenly say Richard Dawking, or if Dawking was even a name. So I typed Dawking into google… and got this:

  4. Reminds me of an account I read once by a photographer who wanted a photo of Einstein.  Einstein agreed to this, so the photographer followed him around all day to try and get the shot.  However, every time he got the camera out, Einstein would “pose”to try and give the photographer a good shot, whereas he was after something more candid.

    Eventually, they ended up in a library, and somebody asked Einstein if he’d seen a particular book.  Einstein had, but couldn’t recall where he’d seen it.  While he was thinking about that, the photographer surreptitiously took his photo.

    So there’s this famous photo of Einstein deep in contemplation, and what he’s actually thinking is “where did I put that book?”

  5. Now how could I impress those naked apes in white jackets more to get some peanuts?

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