Hard Believer


Twitter exchange between Richard Dawkins and First Aid Kit

Klara and Johanna Soderberg, AKA First Aid Kit (17 and 19 respectively) have been gathering fans apace throughout 2009, since the release of their Drunken Trees EP in February (originally released on The Knifes Rabid label and picked up for the world by Wichita Recordings).

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“That song was a tribute to Richard Dawkins”

First Aid Kit – Hard Believer

Written By: First Aid Kit
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  1. awesome! We need more of this.

    It feels like a long time since we had people with something to say singing but that’s maybe my fault for listening to too much rave music, oops.

  2. Excellent job chickies! I love the whole Indie look and feel of the video. What a bright future you have ahead of you! Keep up the good work.

    Yes life is beautiful but not without its hardships. Poetically and artfully done with reality based lyrics. I have often said that people will not give up their God unless they change their perspective that this is a beautiful and wonderful life we live. We (people) need to change our of negative views and stories about a lack of God with ones that still feel a sense of gratitude, adventure, joy, and other positive  traits (without the religious agenda.) We live one life and will eventually die, but there can be much reassurance that we have been a part of it all, what a fabulous ride – good and bad.

    Hearing this song, gives me great hope that a new approach to atheism is on the rise. A song can touch many lives in a way that a lecture or debate cannot. I except a lot more of this to come from the younger generation.

  3. The ladies in First Aid Kit are 19 (Klara)  and 22 (Johanna) … not 17 and 19

    And please someone cite a source from which the quoted text above comes from which states that the song was dedicated to Richard Dawkins

  4. Agreed. This is a great place for science and reason.  The best.  I’m deeply grateful for that.

     Not so much for music. . 

  5. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than what might have otherwise been said or than prattling on emptily for social interaction’s sake. That’s one reason I like lyricless music as they are so often poor. Not always, but often.

  6. I like the song, it could almost be an anthem for us.

    I found the following comments here: http://www.undertheradarmag.co

    In the previous interview, you mentioned how, although your father teaches religion, you were not raised religious. On “Hard Believer,” are you taking a shot at religion?

    Klara: Yes! Definitely. There have been some rumors going on YouTube that it’s about me being gay, which is not true. It’s very strange, ’cause I’ve been reading some of the comments, which I guess we really shouldn’t do, but it’s funny how people kinda make stuff up like that. And it’s not that I generally mind. It’s just very strange reading it, like, “Oh, I’m gay?! OK.”

    Johanna: But it’s about your friend not being able to accept that—

    So you had a friend that wasn’t able to accept—

    Klara: I have a friend who was very religious, and we just had long discussions about religion. And I kind of wrote it just to him, to show him what I thought about it. I think he was kinda honored that I wrote a song about him, but he didn’t really know what to think about the overall theme of the song.

  7.  Yes, of course we don’t- but this actually has very little to do with music.

    The lyrics are indicative of the sentiment we all hope will become more noticed and accepted by theists.

  8.  That’s what I thought when I saw it- but Johanna is 22! (if ShearReason’s correction is correct!)

    I know perspective warps reality- I’m 55 so young people look even younger than they did to me before.

    But these women DO look like girls- wow!

  9.  Okay, now I read that they were 15 and 17 when that video was made.

    That’s a little less shocking.

  10. I agree, more often than not it’s worth not listening too hard to lyrics! baby, baby, baby.

    But on the other hand a band dedicated to promoting a specific ideology, even a noble one, might wear thin quickly but it worked for Billy Brag!

  11.  Thanks I’m looking forward to your comments on the next comedy bit, I wonder if we all share the same sense of humour?

    Susan, I’m looking forward to your comment on whether it’s appropriate to post atheist themed dance…

  12. Well, I may be an old fart, but I quite liked the song both for the lyrics and the music. These young women have some talent, which I’d say bears watching. My only beef is the mandolin wan’t more prominently featured. 😉

    Apart from their perfect English, I’m not surprised they’re from Sweden. I’m currently reading “Society without God- what the least religious nations can tell us about contentment”. It makes me think of the US as almost a third-world nation.

  13. Of course, anything with an atheist theme is appropriate. 

    My comment was unnecessary.

  14.  Thank you for the quote source, Mr. Dawkins! I would feel honored too. It’s a fine song. 🙂

  15.  Ah… It’s clearer now! Thank you for the interview excerpt.

    The lyrics didn’t make an obvious connection to me at first. So I was a little curious as to whether the song was truly dedicated to Richard Dawkins.

  16. I liked it too, brought a smile to my face (and I’m a tough audience!).

    Yeah, never mind “where’s the beef” – where’s the mandolin?!?

    This duo really reminds me of a young Ann and Nancy Wilson of the 70’s band Heart.

  17. These girls are wonderful! It’s well worth checking out other songs of their’s on youtube. I’ve spent half the day listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…

    A really strong song, evocative video and perfect singing blending beautifully, perhaps helped by the fact that they are sisters. Teenage girls singing with a maturity that belies their tender years. Very refreshing!

  18.  They also mentioned this post on their Facebook page today:

    First Aid Kit (SE) OFFICIAL
    wrote the song “Hard Believer” after we’d read a book called “The God
    Delusion”. Today, the author of that book, Richard Dawkins, both
    blogged and tweeted about us and the song, saying he was honored to know
    it is a tribute to him. Pretty crazy.

  19.  LOL  No wonder RD is chuffed. They find him attractive.  Well, he is quite attractive actually. It’s that combination of intelligence and gentleness.  Rather like my husband….

  20. Actually, I don’t think that Isobleu is one of the young ladies in the group. The photo is of her standing between the two singers. It looks like she was quoting Hard Believer, so we don’t really know the true source unless this is what she heard them say.

    Actually a few years back there were a lot of women online commenting that they thought Richard was hot. Try googling “Richard Dawkins is hot” and see for yourself!

  21. I’ll be honest, though the human voice is typically my favorite “instrument,” I tend to not have female bands/artists in my non-classical music library. However, after hearing their on-location (in the forest) rendition of Fleet Foxes’ Tiger Mountain Peasant Song I’ve since bought their debut album.

    I’m very excited for their success, not only for themselves, but also for our generation. Music and lyrics that popularize wonder with creative and rational takes on human experiences undoubtedly will make an important impact on society.


  22. I love First Aid Kit and really like this song + it’s a lovely well-performed cover. But I do feel a bit uncomfortable to see children singing a hymn to ‘strong’ atheism. To sing ‘There’s one life and it’s this life’ seems too unequivocal, a bit like preaching atheism. I prefer to leave the possibility of an afterlife an open question, although I admit that there isn’t any evidence to suggest there might be. How about this as an alternative: Iris Dement’s beautiful song: ‘Let the Mystery Be’ – 

  23. Glad I could help.

    Over the weekend I’m going to listen to more of their songs to see if I like them and if I do, buy some.

  24. Yes, agreed.  I ran across the song “Hard Believer” a few years ago.  And, after hearing their cover of “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song”, I also went out and bought their album.

    They have various videos on youtube, and they seem utterly content when singing with each other — one of the reasons (besides their raw, natural voices) that I so enjoy them.

    Here’s the “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” cover:

    One of my favorite performances (on a Norwegian-Swedish television show):

    Cheers to the man who inspired the song.

  25. Well I see you’ve got your bible
    Your delusion imagery
    Well I don’t need your eternity
    Or your meaning to feel free
    I just live because I love to
    And that’s enough you see
    So don”t come preach about morality
    That’s just human sense to me

  26. Not my kind of music most of the time, I hope the group don’t get targeted like the Dixie Chicks when they tore into George W Bush. Some people just seem to hate it when women are not afraid to express their opinions.

  27. From a guy who sings John Lennon’s “Imagine” at least 3 times a week on stage:Cool song.  Nice hook in the chorus.  Great vocal blending.  Peace,

  28. I’ll be honest, I generally dislike female vocalists, something about the sound grates on me. I think it’s partly the rise in prominence of manufactured female solo artists, often as a product of reality television, that tend to be emphatically mediocre. There are very few contemporary exceptions to that, Bjork being one that springs to mind, an artist that is truly unique.

    That said, I think these girls are very talented and create a fantastic harmony when singing in tandem. The lyrics were also refreshing, they didn’t feel contrived, the message and delivery felt spot on, and I think that is why it seems to have had an impact.

  29.  Yes, I’ve always loved that song.  Thanks for the second link which means I can play it to my class.  The Monty Python graphics, though brilliant, might be deemed offensive by some of my students’ parents.

  30. I feel proud of my country after this awesome news!! 

    And to make everyone a little bit more happy, I here give you a link to another band who released a song in this topic last year! Here you go..it’s called “Breaking Up With God”

  31. There is more music in this topic, just search ‘Breaking Up With God’ on youtube! 🙂

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