Missionaries of Hate


Correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to Uganda, where many question whether the growing influence of American religious groups has led to a movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. As an anti-gay movement spreads across the continent, gay Africans and their families face an increasingly uncertain future of isolation, imprisonment or even execution.

The film makes it much easier to understand why the general Ugandan public is so eager to send their peers to jail. If the most prominent spiritual leader in your community made it his life purpose to convince you that there were people coming to eat your poop and recruit your children, you would be against them too. They are only hearing one side of the story and it is the origin of their information that is truly infuriating.

Although Ugandan leaders are deeply offended by the notion, the facts definitively show that American evangelists have played a central role in defining the nation’s hard line against sexual minorities. The documentary focuses on American evangelist Dr. Scott Lively, who is widely credited with installing the dominant notion that homosexuals are after your children.

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  1. If anyone is wondering what the thing with eating your poop is about-


    So basically, by that logic, all heterosexuals eat poop too since there is such porn somewhere out there.

    I wonder if they showed 2 girls 1 cup video but I doubt it. These nutjobs focus solely on male homosexuality.

  2. It is deeply, deeply ironic that these people are using virulent homophobia as an imagined marker of their “African” cultural heritage, in the face of perceived “Western” colonialism. Particularly the influence of the British. In fact this strand of homophobia stems entirely from nineteenth century British colonial attitudes and, as here, twenty-first century American hate propaganda. The most “African” thing they could do would be to abandon these foreign religious impositions and start thinking for themselves.

  3. I can’t comment on a documentary unviewable in my country, but I can comment on the article.

    many question whether the growing influence of American religious groups has led to a [Ugandan] movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

    It’s odd because, although calls for the killing of homosexuals are pretty rare$ in the US, quite a few US theists turn around and fund and otherwise abet or encourage such killings in Uganda anyway. This has disturbing implications: that they genuinely think that’s a good thing, that their domestic behaviour gives no clue to that fact, and that those two implications together suggest literally homicidal homophobia could in fact have a nontrivial prevalence in the US, even though data haven’t yet demonstrated it. If that really is true, it downgrades the extent to which the US can be deemed “civilised”. (Of course, we could be overestimating the civilised status of other Western nations’ people too.) Worse still, we have a plausible answer to the objection, “Well, why *doesn’t* their domestic behaviour suggest it then?” The answer, of course, is that legally they couldn’t get away with such killings, and probably not with advocacy thereof either. ($ I think I’ve heard one or two occasionally call for the deaths of US homosexuals.)

    Lively says that he condemns the death penalty aspects of the bill, but that overall the bill is a “lesser of two evils” compared to the prospect of having American gay activists do to Uganda what they have done to America.

    Any hope that “I condemn the killings part” would cast Lively in a more positive light than did my characterisation of his ilk in my previous paragraph scatters when he considers it more evil for homosexuals to have equal rights than for them to live.

  4. I hope this comment isn’t too off topic. I recently received a fundraising letter from the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust. The letter claimed the schools are growing quickly and have already graduated many high schoolers who are going on to university. The headmasters seem to have their heads screwed on correctly, but of course no mention is made of the homosexual issue in Uganda. To my dismay, the letter reported that their students come from all different religious backgrounds, and some of the Muslim and Pentecostal students had requested use of classrooms for their prayer meetings. The headmasters had said no, but allowed the Muslims to build a separate shed where they could hold their Friday prayers. The headmaster said he hoped exposure to humanism and rational thought would help the students take their religions with a grain of salt. I hope so too! The UHST has a nice homepage. Check it out.

  5. Do you think the numbskull, who opined that he would hang his daughter if he finds any of his daughters is homosexual, has right to waste precious oxygen?

    (Watch that idiot commenting at the end of 3rd part to the beginning of the 4th part.)

  6.  I’m not sure that the only reason they don’t call for killings in the US is that they don’t think they could get away with it. My suspicion is that there’s a big dollop of good, old-fashioned racism in there too. The notion that those crude darkies will go around killing one another, as it’s in their nature, where white folks don’t do that sort of thing.

  7. That’s an interesting hypothesis, although it has one odd implication (not an argument against its validity, but a strange prospect): the racism in question would think white people were “above” doing what the homophobes in question *also* believe is the right thing, whereas the “lower” races would be able to act in accordance with such ethics. So if this racial ladder doesn’t even judge superiority in ethical terms, in what way *does* it claim white people to be “better” than black ones? Intelligence is a historically common reply (from the era of “scientific racism”), but in this context it would amount to saying intelligence would correlate negatively with moral action, which doesn’t seem like the kind of boast such bigots would want to make anyway. I’m not saying the hypothesis can’t be made to work – indeed, “but them thinking that way would mean thinking in a way that makes no sense” isn’t exactly an argument against people being so irrational – but it does hurt the head to think it through.

  8. I’m not prepared to subject myself to watching this footage. I’ve seen similar material before, and that was enough for me. 

    Perhaps if I thought for one moment that people of this kind of mentality could be reasoned with I would watch it, but I know that they’re beyond the pale.

  9. An odd habit of Ugandan women is to lengthen each others labia by pulling them. It’s said to make the sexual experience more sensual etc. This of course tends to evoke certain feelings in the women that perform these act. If experienced it’s never mentioned because of the problems surrounding homosexuality.
    Oddly enough, in a lot of respects, even compared to western standards, the Ugandans are pretty liberal when it comes to sexuality. The men are supposed to pay close attention to the women’s needs and are actually taught how to pleasure a woman. Rape is not tolerated and there is great acceptance that one of the major functions of sex is pleasure.
    It’s hard to find any useful information about how homosexuality was viewed before westerners intervened in Ugandan society but I’m curious about that. Does anybody know more on that topic?
    By the way, did anyone notice that this video was posted over a year ago on the topdocumentaryfilms site?

  10. What is the infatuation with bigoted religious fucktards and ridiculous head gear?

  11. Just think of the lengths to which this Ugandan anti-homosexual power bloc will have to go
    to continually censor the “buzz” of the changing world outlook on this type of behavior!!!!
    Any Ugandan relative who goes abroad and twitters, facebooks, videos, etc. about the real
    state of affairs and attitudes in Western Countries puts a continual communicative knife puncture into the collective mindsets of these bubble brains. 

    The truth may have been temporarily quieted in Uganda, but it will inevitably return to triumph. 

  12. As these evangical snake oil sleeze bags can no longer push their hate dogma in societies that can see right through them, they have no choice but to prey on the third world countries with no real access to 21st century humane advancements…

  13. If I may
    indulge in a bit of strained analogy…

    Introducing Abrahamic
    religions into a society to which it is foreign is similar to an invading group
    bringing along germs for which the native population has no immunity.  The invader has evolved with these pathogens from
    their beginning and has developed to mitigate their worst effect (the experienced knowlege
    to disregard earlier religious tenets that proved harmful), while the natives
    have not and cannot in time to avoid their destructive properties.  Noticing this (perhaps dimly) the invader seizes
    on it as a means of conquest – like the British colonialists conspiring to
    supply smallpox infected blankets to the Ottowa (In
    July 1763, General Jeffery Amherst, the Commander-in-Chief of British forces in
    North America, sent a memo to Colonel Henry Bouquet, a Huguenot in the service
    of England, asking: “Could it not be contrived to send the Smallpox among
    the disaffected Tribes of Indians?” Bouquet replied: “I will try to
    inoculate the Indians with some blankets that may fall into their hands, and
    take care not to get the disease myself.”), or the more successful “well-meaning”
    conquest by missionary.  Where the cross
    goes the flag follows.


  14. There are dominionists who think god’s law should trump civil law. They really have a problem with the fact that civilization treats killing as a punishable crime. Their god’s law, on the other hand, encourages killing for the sake of self-righteousness.

  15. The Catholic Church in Uganda has apparently changed its position on the country’s so-called “Kill the Gays” bill, calling on parliament to pass the measure.

    The Ugandan Daily Monitor newspaper reported that Catholics joined in that new stance at the recent ecumenical conference organized by the Uganda Joint Christian Council, which represents Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches.

    Bishops at the conference urged the parliamentary committee that is studying the bill to approve it and send it to the House. They said the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Law is needed in response to “an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage,” the newspaper reported.

    June 12, 2012 http://76crimes.com/2012/06/12

    Basically the Christian response is, “we will kill you.” And just like olden days, in 500 years hence, the Church will probably say, “we never killed anyone, it was the local government who authorized such evil.”


  16. How long before our heads are on the block? Surely death to all atheists is on its way, or has it always been around? The Muhammadians have been doing it for ages. And we actually eat babies.

  17. It’s funny, when your teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up and you reply benevolent dictator, they don’t smile. It’s good that I am an underachiever.

  18. Cant find the documentary online anywhere. Has it been removed or something?
    However i did find this site with 3 video interviews with the film’s director, the author of the anti-gay bill, and a member of the Ugandan govenment who says he would hand over his own brother if he found out he was gay!


  19. Wishful thinking… Don’t underestimate the sheer stupidity of a mob spurned on by fanatics- in this case religious half wits.. jcw

  20. Ignorant Amos
    What is the infatuation with bigoted religious fucktards and ridiculous head gear?

     Perhaps those with no intellect and no scruples, need a uniform to say they are important figure-heads and role models – a bit like some state dignitaries and politicians elsewhere!

  21. Uganda was once part of a kingdom called Buganda. If you read a book called “The Scramble For Africa”you will find how the homosexuality of the king irked the missionaries. In fact it seems that it was a way of life there at the time. Perhaps this might have some bearing on the susceptibility of some of the population to embrace the ideas of these American missionaries.

  22. I see Cardinal Keith O’Brien is making his usual contribution to the RCC hate campaign, and rather hoping the Scottish government will be impressed with sheeple-power and silly old men in funny hats!

    Scottish Catholic priests’ letter condemns gay marriage

    Roman Catholic priests are to read out a letter in each of the Church’s parishes in Scotland criticising the Scottish Government for plans to introduce gay marriage.

    Last week the leader of the Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, broke off discussions about the issue with the First Minister, Alex Salmond.

    The church has declared 26 August as National Marriage Sunday. 


  23. Since Uganda “is a “Christian country, and the United States is really not a Christian country anymore,” I strongly encourage Scott to move to Uganda. The safety and comfort of American life are vastly overrated, and he would be free at last of our despicable toleration. LIke Giilbert and Sullivan’s “singular anomaly/ the lady novelist” he never would be missed. But he won’t leave. He’ll remain a stubborn hair clot in the plumbing of our democracy. He’s the reason we still need plumbers.

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