1. I find it odd that, regardless of their rationality, many agnostics and atheists readily concede to growing old and dying as a “natural” part of life. As if arguments about something being “natural” made any more sense here than elsewhere. Aubrey de Grey was right… most of us are in a “trance” of acceptance about aging and dying from it.

  2. Very funny, and of course WE get it. But I hesitate to post it to my FB page. There’s bound to be someone who’ll comment, “See, I TOLD you atheism was a religion.”

    I’d also like to say that when I’m on my death bed I’d also like to make a quick telephone call to Richard to say “On my way out now, but thanks for all the good reads.”

  3. And you view the alternative as a fact? Aubrey de Grey, whilst having good intentions seems not to have thought beyond the end of his nose- overpopulation will result in the collapse of what we call civilisation and sooner than most think. Living to 1000 (!) will help this?? 

  4. Voltaire’s
    deathbed response
    to a priest asking that he renounce Satan: “Now, now my good man,
    this is no time for making enemies.”

  5. I hate to think about what my last words might be if my family insists on bringing over a priest while I’m dying. It might turn out nasty.

  6. Because its editor is a committed Christian, Private Eye (not “The Private Eye”) usually seizes any opportunity to make snide remarks about Dawkins. Are we sure this cartoon is not intended to be sarcasm at his expense?

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