Obama and Romney to tackle science debate questions


ScienceDebate.org chief Shawn Otto reports both presidential candidates will answer more than a dozen science policy questions posed by the organization, which is sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences and other science groups. The questions were generated from suggestions by scientists and science-related organizations.

Written By: Dan Vergano
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  1. Regarding the space exploration question, Romney should be asked if he will be following Mor(m)on procedure by arranging for each American to be transported to their very own planet! Why wait until the ‘after-life’?

  2. ” 5. Education.
    Increasingly, the global economy is driven by science, technology,
    engineering and math, but a recent comparison of 15-year-olds in 65
    countries found that average science scores among U.S. students ranked
    23rd, while average U.S. math scores ranked 31st.
    In your view, why have American students fallen behind over the last
    three decades, and what role should the federal government play to
    better prepare students of all ages for the science and
    technology-driven global economy? “

    I guess I will have to go with this question as my favorite question to be asked as I did not see; How will you use the power of the federal government to crush once and for all creationist wackaloonishness? ( and secular creationism too!! )

  3. Recall that the sanest Republican candidate, Huntsman once said “Maybe we should listen to the scientists” and immediately developed politician leprosy.  It will be interesting to see what sort of weasel language these two will come up with hoping to avoid distressing the religious right who will pounce on their answers.

    Maybe they can dog whistle over their heads that they are not quite as nuts as they profess.

  4. Yes, I remember Jon Huntsman. He started and ended his campaign by saying, “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

  5. This sort of thing is LONG overdue.  I hope all future political debates/interviews will be inspired by this event.  It is, by circumstance, just as important as any questions posed about a candidate’s religion or worldview.  I want to know if my representatives to be well versed in the scientific method before I judge whether or not they will get my vote.

  6. Everyone here knows the standard list of scientific questions on which Obama and Romney will score differently, and on all of them Romney will be embarrassing. But what of economics? Plenty of people say that’s a “science”. I wonder whether Republicans’ economic ideas, such as supply-side economics, are the field’s equivalent of creationism.

  7. Imagining the Great Mitt having to answer Science questions in an impromptu  fashion is
    hilarious!!!!! Saturday Night Live writers should take note of a great skit opportunity, here!!!!

    Geez, Romney HAS to respond with written answers. He needs help “preparing”, lest he give the
    hilarious ignorant answers that reveal him as the clueless Bozo that he is!!!!! 

    SCIENCE QUESTIONS IMPROMTU–WHAT A LAUGH!!!!!!! He’d even struggle with NON-SCIENCE ones
    such as:

    “Governor—-Should Chick- fil-A pieces be eaten with the fingers??????”

    “Uh………….uh…………..uh…………………………..no…….The fingers should be eaten separately!!!!!!”

  8. What would a consistently creationist presidential platform entail?

    1. energy – collect twigs and burn them.
    2. agriculture – increase fertility with ass dung.
    3. census – everyone comes to Washington.
    4. foreign policy – genocide for all non-Americans. dash children to pieces before parents’ eyes, rape.
    5. FAA (If god had meant us to fly he would have given us tickets).
    6. sanitation? What’s that?
    7. flood control: heaven forbid trying to thwart Jehovah’s will.
    8. lightning rods illegal.
    9. antibiotics illegal.
    10. polygamy ok after all.
    11. slavery ok after all.
    12. do what you want to any female.
    13. have a barbecue with your black neighbour as the centerpiece.
    14. Have fun hunting gays and smashing their heads in like watermelons.

  9. The title is misleading – both camps supposedly promised to answer these questions in writing by Aug 31.

    Science Debate folks are trying to persuade them to debate said questions on tv.

  10. The answers both Romney & Obama  give whether they accept evolution will separate the man from the boy.

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