1. Ideally the new archbishop would convert to atheism once in office.  Then he/she could help others go through the same transformation and help reduce the stigma.  It would be cheating if they were already atheist, out or closeted.

    I would be happy just to get a some biblical verses deprecated, the ones calling for mistreatment of women, children, slaves, blacks and gays.  Without that, Christianity would be not that bad a religion — goofy but not malicious.

    I would also like to excise any notions of the master race/god’s chosen people. Any god has to be a god of everyone. Jehovah does not play favourites based on race or nation of origin.  I think many Christians would welcome such a change.

    They just  have to say, the Council of Nicea, a committee, made a few “tiny” errors in what to include.  Some dodgy bits got in.

  2. The current Archbishop is pretty close to agnostic – just going through the motions with the funny hats.  I’ve tried to grow my eyebrows like his- I fancied a fair imitation might amuse friends – but it’s hopeless.  Never mind.  I could do Mr. Bean doing the Archbishop?

  3. When you think about it “POWER” corrupts all ambition for transparency: by making it viable that an atheist might think it more “moral” for  them to be placed in such positions as religious leaders control in the hope of diluting those delusions that inevitably will further disable the next generations in chaotic ways. As such an individual so placed will have to live a life incognito – hardly performing as the role model for any who might follow their example per se, but always being a shell of their real self and evidenced as such by their compromised behavior and public rituals. One could see how in such a situation it might be argued the theist has got the atheist to perform a life in servitude of their cause.

    Irony seems an evil tool of power and delusion, for it not only fights enlightenment and equality in the face, but in many cases makes it essential they hide within its corridors as if supportive of it!

  4. The job of Archbishop of Canterbury has become as farcical as having a CEO of Microsoft who does not believe in computers.

  5. It is going to be hard for them to find someone educated enough to do the job, who is not an atheist, and will probably have to settle for one who just does not publicly say so.

  6. Well, since atheists now form a significant proportion of the population, it’s only right that they be represented in the C of E {;-)

  7. Utterly disinterested as I am, I nevertheless predict it will be Sentamu. Anglicanism is almost extinct here in the U.K., and Africa will be the main focus for xtianty in future.The vast majority of us can see no relevance for this nonsense any longer.

  8. I have have seen a number of dramas about Henry VIII.  I find it hard to believe that anyone signed up for his new religion.  It had no magical legitimacy. They would PRETEND to, yes, but surely would remain Catholic in secret.  

  9. The current archbishop of Canterbury has been doing some public musings about his handling of the issue of gay rights.  He has a problem. The African branches of the Anglican church are extremely homophobic.  The irony is they got that way from the colonial imposition of the Anglican church.

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