St-Matthew-in-the-City uses billboard to support gay marriage


An Auckland church has erected a billboard in support of a bill to legalise same-sex marriages.

The billboard, outside St Matthew-in-the-City, shows two model brides kissing atop a wedding cake, with the text “We don’t care who’s on top”.

It comes as Labour MP Louisa Wall’s bill on marriage equality is expected to pass its first reading in Parliament later today.

The progressive church has already thrown its support in behind the bill, and has countered claims by the bill’s opponents that the law change will mean church ministers cannot refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

St-Matthew-in-the-City already performs civil unions.

“It should be of no surprise that St Matthew’s with its long history of supporting the full inclusion of the LGBTQ community in both the church and society endorses the bill. Our question is why would any church not endorse two people making a loving commitment to each other?” Reverend Clay Nelson said.

“Through our billboard we are expressing our solidarity with the many Christians in many denominations who are calling on Members of Parliament to support Louisa Wall’s bill.”

Written By: Paul Harper
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  1. Personally, I wish David Cameron would take a few weeks off and come across the Pond to personally slap
    some sense into Romney, Ryan, and  other select GOP morons about this issue. You Brits are way 
    ahead of us on this one!!!! Very well done!!!!!

    A few of my gay friends were disappointed, however, when they found out that Big Ben was a clock!!!!

  2. Not just a bell, but a bell half a world away! This is New Zealand, mate. Oh, and the bill went through (needed 61 votes – got 80) and the piece from The Herald is worth a read.

    Especially MP Paul Hutchinson’s commendable change of mind:

    The most dramatic turnaround of the night came from National’s Hunua MP,
    Paul Hutchison, who had told the Herald on Tuesday that he would oppose
    the measure.

    After revealing that Ms Wall had given him last-minute advice on
    same-sex marriage, he said: “I cannot construct a strong enough
    intellectual, moral, health or even spiritual argument against it.”

    Ms Wall described his u-turn as the most poignant moment of the debate.

    One step closer to heaven.

    Hope the link works?


    EDIT: That said, Kidchicago, the Brits are on their way. Scotland first, then fairly rapidly followed by England and Wales – though I think I read there is a chance that Scotland may wait for the UK Equality Act to be amended so as to offer protection to celebrants who are opposed to same sex marriage.

    A big mistake in my view – no-one that acts as a proxy of the state should be allowed to discriminate in any way and remain a state proxy.

    I can understand the tactic within the overall strategy – I just think it is mistaken.


  3. Onya, Kiwis!! 
    Perhaps the world’s most enlightened country?First with votes for women; and, despite threats from Uncle Sam- ‘New Zealand’s three decade anti-nuclear campaign is the only successful movement of its type in the world which resulted in the nation’s nuclear-free zone status being enshrined in legislation’ It seems even their church(es) are leading the way…

  4. I wish David Cameron would take more than a few weeks off. We may be more liberal in the UK but don’t think for one minute DC would do this if he wasn’t bowing to public pressure.

  5. Whilst the Bishops are still privileged to sit in the HoL and the CoE is the official state religion with QE2 as it’s head and idiot prime ministers and politicians ranting that England is a Christian country, I doubt it…

    But I live in hope

  6. To give the man his due he is standing up to fairly substantial pressure from within his party to scrap the legislation.

  7. It’s “questioning”, in order to include people who are exploring their sexuality and/or gender identity, but have not identified themselves according to the existing criteria. 

  8. Well, stop doubting and keep hoping, Jim.

    I don’t think it possible to happen in Scotland – but not in England and Wales – and it will happen in Scotland.

    Further, I get the feeling that this is a done deal and that London will do all it can to ensure the Scottish proposals become law- and this will include all amendments to the UK Equality laws as is necessary

    I think they see the trend towards equality legislation (and, it might be said, potential litigation) throughout the developed world as a pointer.

    They can see the way the wind is blowing.

    We have same sex marriage in the following countries:

    Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden.*

    To this we can now safely add New Zealand, and, I feel, England and Wales as the Scottish domino hits them.

    Keep signing the petitions and keep talking the talk. Winning this fight is imperitive as so much more falls with it. This will be a body blow to the institution of the church and it’s bigotry.

    The normalisation of all that it holds to be evil only serves to show them up for what they are.



  9. The “Q” is for queer. A very sad label created by the non-understanding heterosexual communities of
    world that was sadly internalized  by the LGBT community if you ask me. It also represents
    intersex individuals(hermaphrodites) and asexual individuals.

    Sex,sex,sex,…….when you get older like me, more pleasure is derived from food!!!! As a matter of
    fact, I’m thinking of putting in a mirror  over my kitchen table!!!!!!!!

  10. Did not know that.
    I do know the tower is to be renamed ‘Elizabeth Tower’, or as one clever journalist calls it, “Large Liz”.

  11. Hmm, 2 answers and a quick google (don’t know why I didn’t just do that in the first place) suggests that you are both correct.

  12. To Currerbell:

    My profuse apologies—-just stupidly missed the Auckland, N.Z.reference when I first read it.Thanks for straightening me out on that. 

    The Kid

  13. Hmm yes, it’s confusing. I omitted the queer because is basically covers those already included with the L, G, B, and T. My guess is the original meaning was queer, and someone with a better feeling for tact invented questioning. 

    Either way, I see LBGT more as a ‘word’ describing the entire group of people who deviate from the conventional ‘straight’, rather than a set of letters, with each describing a specific subgroup. Delving into the specifics of each letter is just not that important.

    As soon as nobody gets treated differently any more for his (lack of) sexual orientation, I’m pretty sure both the word LBGT and the community it represents will dissolve into individuals who are fully integrated into society.

  14. Straight men usually find the idea of two women in bed “hot”, even if they just watch in imagination. I have encountered straight women who enjoy “slash”, fiction about male characters in homosexual relationships, often Star Trek characters.

    Those who oppose gay marriage nearly always talk as if two males were the only possibility.   It might be strategic to emphasise the women, particular women with children from previous heterosexual marriages.

    The bottom line argument is this.  If men are allowed to do something, then women should be too, so long as they prove capable, e.g. go into combat, fight fires, swim topless, marry a woman.  

    There is less violent hatred of lesbians than gay males. In cross dressing, females in male attire are not even naughty any more.  Female to male transsexuals are taken much more seriously than male to female.

  15. There is less violent hatred of lesbians than gay males.”

    I’ve never understood why most of the hostility towards gay people tends to be directed at gay men rather than towards lesbians. Given that most of this aggression comes from men, you’d think they’d be grateful for male homosexuality instead of being so threatened by it: every individual gay man in the world counts as one less rival for heterosexual males in the latter’s battle for the amorous affections of women and efforts to disseminate their own genes.

    Gay women are surely the real threat to straight men as they tend to be less interested in receiving male genetic material and have no desire to sate these would-be suitors’ sexual appetites.

    Maybe it’s down to devaluing women as a whole. If you’ve been raised to believe that females are chattel with no real will of their own and basically on a par with oxen or a piece of real estate, then if they ‘go wrong’ it’s no biggee; if you find out your prize heifer is barren you might be annoyed with it but you can’t really hate it. And anyway, plenty more where that came from.

    Men, on the other hand, created in God’s image and with actual honest-to-goodness minds of their own, have a responsibility to be moral that girls just don’t.
    A man misusing his wang, why, that’s tantamount to abusing the Almighty’s own wang.
    And that, sir, is an abomination.

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