1. Stingray icon asks if others think it resembles a stingray.
    I do – also think it slightly resembles a dumbo octopus.

  2. A wonderful tutorial which prompts a,”Let me find out more about . . . .” science search for all our cool RDF teenagers! This is an ideal Universe collection to copy and practise updating some poor “Science and Maths”understanding. Go learn some interesting facts about the real world; eg Wiki the giant star “Antares” – which may explode as a supernova any time now! Hang on a second? Did Cary and Michael H really have to include the now infamous Vatican city? . . . . right next to Angel Falls and Central Park too.    

  3. Behold the chocolate gods ~
    and in the beginning Hershey and his cohorts concocted chocolate.

    Star kisses, cocoa dust lanes, bonbon moons, cocoa puff asteroids…

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