A psychological basis for religion?

Sep 4, 2012

Discussion by: Potslife
Does anyone have a good handle on psychology/neurology and religion? 

It seems to me that the Paternal nature of an imagined god, must often come from some very real childhood experiences.

I wonder if its possible that ‘the father’ is simply conceptualised to complete our need for complete parenting.

Its undeniable that men historically make worse parents than women, and are often responsible for a great deal of harm within a family.  Im not talking anecdotally but statistically here. To me it seems that a lot of people are really looking for that supernatural father figure.
The common conception of god is basically a man that 

1. Is constant
2. Is strong
3. Is wise
4. loves you
5. can dispense punishment.

I was wondering if there was any data out there on a correlation between people who identified as having an absent or irresponsible father, and people who were strongly religious?


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