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Behead those who insult Jesus? No. Behead those who insult Lord Krishna? No. Behead those who insult Buddha? No. Behead those who insult Yahweh? No. 

Is it Islamophobic of me to link to that child? And is it wrong of me to call it child abuse?


I think it is child abuse…  like strapping a bomb to a child…  the child here may not know what the words say, but they might not know what the bomb is either.

Lawrence Krauss

Written By: Joel Tozer
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  1. Horrible. I just don’t understand why parents feel the need to force their own children into carrying those hideous ideological placards. Why don’t they do the dirty work themselves?

  2. Strongly held convictions are important to build character. This guy will most certainly grow up to be a wonderfully colorful asset to multicultural Sydney. Remember to celebrate diversity! It’s good for you.

  3. Social Services: So, Shafiq, what did you do to celebrate your 4th birthday?
    Shafiq: I went to the streets and demonstrated my freedom of expression and disgust at all infidels before demanding that their heads are cut off.
    Social Services: Oh; you didn’t have a birthday party or get presents like most four-year-olds would?
    Shafiq: Look, woman, quit with the birthday questions. Ask me something interesting; like: what’s the punishment for apostates. Go on, ASK ME!

  4. Who wouldn’t be an islamophobe.  That kind of Islam deserves no respect except fear.

  5. Respect is earned, not demanded. Anyone demanding respect without a convincing argument is nothing more than a despotic tyrant. jcw

  6. Are we sure this is real and hasn’t just been photoshopped like the picture of the guy holding up the sign saying “Behead those who say Islam is violent”? Because that one turned out to be a fake: http://sciencenotes.wordpress…. 

    The only way to know for sure would be if there were other photos of the kid shot from different angles.

  7. @rdfrs-23ef5cf238a3b88085d95adf94c24a25:disqus : You think there is another kind? This not optional, and it’s not extreme; it’s simply normative. This is true Islam.

  8. Disgusting how bloodthirsty and aggressive Religion can make people so that even his mother finds that to be completely alright

  9. The (presumed) mother is taking a photo of him with her mobile.

    I’m generally sympathetic to all variations of humanity, but it has to be said – there’s something wrong inside that woman’s head.

  10. A scummy mummy! I’ve always found that the truth of something is inversly proportional to the level of evil required to make people believe it.
    I know the mother pictured here is actually a victim of childhood indoctrination but at some point you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

  11. Shocking is an understatement. This is the way to car and suicide bombings. Won’t his mom be proud when he blows himself up when he becomes an angry and insecure teenager? Most likely not. An interesting book on the Muslim world by the Dutch writer Joris Luyendijk (Het zijn net mensen: People like us) tells about how these people think about the Muslim extremes when the camera is turned off. their mothers are usually very unhappy with their son’s martyrdom. Also, as it turns out, these demonstrations are often very small. The Dutch news anchor in Egypt mentioned that the demonstration which had been shown as a large gathering of Egyptians was no larger than a few thousand people if that. Compared to the 83 million inhabitants, that’s almost nothing.   Maybe ignoring is the best weapon. Odd as it may seem. Sort of like a muzzy bite; as long as you keep scratching it will irritate but if you ignore it, it will slowly slide into oblivion.

  12. “Behead the parents of that child, the MORONS!”

    No personal offense intended, but in my opinion Atheists should hold themselves to higher standards than that. Yes, I know you probably didn’t mean it literally, and you’re entitled to voicing your opinions.

    But as the people who know that we only have a single, finite lifespan that ends with the death of the physical body, we should know better than any religious person just how sacred a human life is. Calling for an execution, even if it is just your version of a war chant, is something I’m not happy to see a fellow Atheist do.

    That said, the picture does call into question the parents’ fitness to raise children. One would hope that Australia has something similar to child protective services who would look into the matter. If the parents pose a danger to themselves and to others – and the photograph suggests that – then their family will need to be protected from them.

  13. I don’t think this can be won.

    Even Rachel Maddow framed this completely as an issue of islamophobia and right-wing bigotry.
    And you heard the idiotic thing Hillary Clinton said.

    There is just no one out there with a modicum of common sense in any position of influence and relevance.

  14. “Sort of like a muzzy bite; as long as you keep scratching it will
    irritate but if you ignore it, it will slowly slide into oblivion.”

    Like it did with Rushdie and the cartoons?

  15. But religious freedom is precisely the thing to eliminate Islamic rule, and it must be one of the things that the mullahs of places like Saudi Arabia fear most about Western societies. 


    Still, I’m weary of discussing these issues using the framework established by fundamentalists to help recruit people to fight the US.  It would be a shame to focus entirely on the “story” only to miss real opportunities presented by the day-to-day problems of the troubled nations where this type of lunacy originates.

  16. A Christian inflamed all that .. so that was no surprise to me.. we might be militant .. but there is no reason for us to go to the streets and burn embassies or hurt their children .. we are not desert dwelling backward People (We are not Christian neither Muslims, that’s old style desert shit). But this women should be sued and yes we should fight to get her deported .. since she incites hate .. 

  17. For any theist who likes to ask the question ‘why do you atheists get so angry’, this is a perfect example of why.

    This is the kind of thing that really gets my blood boiling.

  18. And is it wrong of me to call it child abuse?

    Going on the assumptiion that the picture isgenuine, I’d say it only amounts to child abuse if the little boy is old enough to understand the implications of what’s written on the sign he’s holding. And if it is abuse, then any parent who ever attended a political rally and got their kid to hold up a “Vote for Romney” placard or dressed it in an “Atheist” T-shirt….… could be held accountable on the same charge.
    So, no, it isn’t child abuse;  just in very, very poor taste.

  19.  Come on, you can’t be that stupid.
    When people talk about multiculturalism they almost always mean unwarranted respect for irrationality, misogyny, homophobia, anti-scientific attitudes and those sort of retardations that exist in a  certain culture.

    Nobody is talking about the trivialities like the fucking cuisine.

  20. If you don’t think that what he wrote there could be understood wrong then you should unsubscribe from this site … but I’m alright with your explanation .. But we can’t get on the street and start threatening people  and hurt them .. there is a better way to use this situation for our site .. the conflict is between Christians and Muslims right now.. this is a very good time to ridicule them .. and to show how bloodthirsty they can get .. this way we get more people on our side… We can Protest as well .. but we can’t go all jihad on peoples asses .. we are not retards

  21. I’m completely with you .. I think these people are Religious Nazi type personalities and just try to incite hate .. they think we would “believe” them lol ..  And “believing” is exactly what we lack most lol 
    I think they are like this guy who was against Multiculturalism, Anders Behring Breivik.. they confuse us with their backward way of thinking.. I don’t have an issue when they say “RELIGION” but  “Multiculturalism” is just a completely different issue .. they are just dumb .. and I will report them

  22. Either use the word RELIGION or just leave.. to use Multiculturalism is not different from Anders Behring Breivik Views! Multiculturalism is good as long as we don’t involve Religion, and backward practices. How can you guys be against diversity? Diversity is what makes science prosper! Wtf are you Family members of Anders Behring Breivik?    

  23. Ideological wars are always preceded by apologists ignoring or excusing extremists behavior in the hope that they will stop being extremists.  It never worked, the isolated behavior of today becomes the every day occurrence  tomorrow! 

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  25. Well, that too got a lot of media attention.

    I understand that in this world where everybody is allowed to voice their opinion, which I think is a good thing, my solution is virtually impossible. But just imagine if the Muslim media had though of this darn movie: What a shitty movie, you know, lets just not cover it, the maker must be an idiot. What do you think would have happened? Now everybody in the world knows about that peace of non-art and is looking for it on the internet. It reminds me of the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ´, remember that one. I didn´t know anything about that movie until the Vatican started screaming murder. After that, loads of people wanted to see it.

    I´m not talking about censorship, but about the pres trying to select news that does matter in stead of whipping up  stories that don´t.

  26. It reminds me of babies/small children in KKK robes.  
    While the fathers are off protesting in mobs –
    the mothers safely protest by proxy, their children.

  27. This is in my own back-yard.
    I will now report this woman to the authorities and see what they have to say about this.
    Apart from the repulsive child abuse, this breaks at least one law in this country.

  28. @rdfrs-15f956879f7db177618015f7eebdb1b1:disqus  You probably just want to be a nice guy, defending diversity the way you do, but you can’t separate religion from multiculturalism in the case of Islam. Multiculturalism is the ideology that allows Islam to grow where it should not. Islam is a complete system that permeates the culture of Muslims, economically, judicially, politically, economically and militarily. (Not all Muslim countries are run 100% according to Sharia, of course, but that is the goal of The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups.) The inevitable consequence of a multicultural project that involves Islam is a monocultural project completely dominated by Islam, considering the fact that Islam is the most intolerant religion ever created. And please don’t bring the Norwegian mass murderer into this, that’s just faulty logic that stems from mixing up correlation and causation.

    Btw: When I praised multiculturalism in the beginning of this thread, i meant it ironically.

  29. Has anyone confirmed the authenticity of this image?

    Part of me suspects the photo has been changed via Photoshop or other photo editing software.

    Any help to verify this photos authenticity is welcome

    Thank you

  30. Thanks Katy.

    I’ve just asked the same question.
    Part of me suspects the photo has been changed via Photoshop or other photo editing software.

    But open to further evidence

  31. @rdfrs-12ad8522b6920b6a30abf0c133b659b1:disqus  There’s another shot from another angle further down the thread.

  32. @rdfrs-a252c7f0cc7c1e0dc9acd45f302d1b29:disqus Buildings burnt and people killed but stories like this don’t matter?

  33.  Katy,
    may I say that the excuse of “old enough to understand” is not a valid measure here.
    No-one is blaming the child.
    It would be, if the child had somehow been the perpetrator of the act of his own volition.
    This is clearly not the case here.

    So he has been made to do something which (I believe) is illegal (as well as repulsive).
    Forcing children to break the law IS child abuse.

  34. Islam is an insult to all thinking people.  Who would have believed in this day and age that there would  be people believing that a man rode a winged horse to some mystical  heaven. Christopher got it right with his book ‘God is not great’.

  35. I’d say it amounts to child abuse specifically because the little boy ISN’T old enough to understand.   And by the time he is old enough, he will think it is acceptable and legitimate behaviour.   In defence of Mitt Romney (something I never expected to do), he doesn’t demand people are killed simply for disagreeing with him

  36. So far, I haven’t seen any British politicians making any public comments on this? Or are they all afraid of losing the ‘muslim vote’?  

    This sort of thing should be openly criticised in the strongest terms from those at the top.

  37. No there is a culture without Islam .. and with Islam I mean every horrible practice.. so whether you know that or you just don’t know isn’t important. Multiculturalism and Diversity is what makes our world more valuable and rich. Historians can sing a song about that. There are Oriental Poems which are more valuable than you might think. The most ancient mathematical texts available are from Babylon 1900 BC. There is a a lot more the orient can offer a lot of culture. I myself am an ex-muslim .. I left behind that Idiotic Religion and I’d like to see a World without Islam .. but that doesn’t work without accepting different Cultures [not the Religion part]. If someone likes Oriental food, or music he/ she shouldn’t have any issue to doso or get it. Or oriental dance .. and a lot more .. now what you are talking about is the Religious Part.. Headscarfs and all that bullshit .. = no tolerance. No jobs to people who can’t adapt to society etc. Furthermore The Muslim Brotherhood is a very interesting issue in Egypt right now.. they managed to silence their Protests about this movie pretty quick, so I wouldn’t judge these people so early .. It seems as if they are teaching their society how to take criticism about their religion and that’s a good thing. We need to make them understand that their Religion is nothing which deserves immunity. Considering that most Muslims never read the Quran and have no clue what’s written in there .. means they accept something they know nothing about .. they are just getting told lies .. so they are just crazy and indoctrinated..The only Cure is Education .. and in extreme cases like this one.. deportation. 

    Well you might wanna read about Anders Behring Breivik, he talked like you. Since we are People, who respect Reason and Science your words are unacceptable.. you were inciting people to “attack” and that’s crazy. I don’t think that any Atheist would actually do that and believe you .. since “belief” is actually what we lack, but still that was just offensive and didn’t help your case. Do you want a world without Religion? Or do you want a war like this coptic Christian initiated ? Choose your side.. If we continue to attack these people physically .. they will not have time to understand the issue.. they will attack back stay dumb as they are right now and multiply as they do as well. The only way to stop this madness is through Education and emancipation of women. This way they stop Multiplying like Idiots and actually try to get things done. So instead of “throwing them all out of our lands” lol  we better do it the right way.. 

    You do have similarities to Hitlers talk as well .. read Mein Kampf

  38. Attached are numbered sections of the photos that I inspected. Please ignore the lt. teal horizontal line in image 3 which is the result of not turning off a guideline in photoshop.  In a nutshell, one image is blatantly fabricated/poorly manipulated while the first image is uncertain whether or not it was fabricated.

    The original image was 72ppi and sized 10.625″ x 14.152″.  Low resolution images are easier to fake than a higher resolution of 300ppi or higher, so I needed to inspect the image up close and the separated channels which shows the breakdowns of red, green and blue which make up the color of the final photo.

    Let’s start with the image that is most easiest to prove that it is fake or highly manipulated. See image 5.  Based upon image 4, we can notice that the message is on a separate piece of paper that is either glued or taped with something like double stick tape onto a heavier stock of cardboard.

    Here are the problems with image 5:
    1. The brightly lit cardboard is too light and yellow orangey for the darker valued lavender area that has the lettering. Look at image 4, notice that difference between the darkness of the paper and board is not that much different compared to the contrast in image 5.  Lighting does not do this on a flat surface. Complementary colors, opposites do not do this on a flat surface. The lighting is wrong along with the shadow on the bottom right of the board. It is as if the lavender section was pasted onto the board. Or surrounding area was lightened and skewed in perspective.

    2. Notice the shoulder of the boy wearing the aqua shirt. A section of his shoulder is in front of the board while the rest of his body is behind the board. Zoom in close. Seriously!!! You can’t be in two places at once.

    3. The board is wider and slightly skewed in perspective. The lettering is also slightly wider than image 4 which appears to be more parallel to the viewer. This board is on an angle and should actually be more narrow than what is shown.

    4. The edges of the paper are softened and blurry compared to the edge of the paper on image 4.

    Now for image 5.

    Notice how the paper is periwinkle in color while the heavier cardboard is warmer and more gray in color. My guess is that paper sign was printed on a tabloid sized paper 11″x 17″ Let’s give the photographer the benefit of the doubt that it was on a cooler white sheet of paper which is generally color copier paper. If you gather several sheets of white paper from around the house along with items that are white, you will notice that some whites are warmer while others are cooler. Yet this image has a pretty big jump in temperature between the two grounds.  The separations of the colors as revealed in the channels reveal shifts between the two papers- unless the paper is a light periwinkle color which is possible but very curious.

    Because the image is low res, retouching is difficult to detect. Image 2 shows color from an area of the sidewalk which appears slightly onto the board. A vertical line moving downward and near his hand shows a slight difference in color also. This may or may not be a result of the low resolution and checkerboard pattern that is evident every two pixels vertically and horizontally. It may or may not be a result of photoshopping or multiplying an image onto the heavier stock cardboard.

    In Image 3, one of the channels reveal two vertical blurred  lines which is suspect but not conclusive.

    Notice the lack of sharpness in the face of the boy in the stroller. It is more blurry than the lettering. Also compare the sharpness between the lettering on the boy’s shirt and the lettering on the board. Yes, there is more contrast between lettering on the board, but it is suspect. Yes, the area could have been selected and sharpened up a bit…

    As I said, the second photo is fake or highly manipulated. The first photo is highly suspect and I would not place a bet on it being real nor on it being fake. The difference between the two whites of the paper (if they are actually both white), the crispness of the lettering compared to the crispness surrounding areas leaves me questioning the image.
    It may or may not be fake. With a low res image, if the person has adequate skills, it is easy to pull off a manipulated image.

  39. I’m from Sydney and yes, the ‘kill the prophet’ posters appear to be genuine – to the extent that multiple copies were handed out to kids to wave around. But adult illiteracy is exceptionally high in Australia, so it’s possible that parents are not entirely to blame.

    It probably isn’t child abuse. (It was a nice spring day yesterday, spring festivals everywhere, and a great day out in Hyde Park for the kids and family – hardly child abuse.) But the incident may indicate an equally serious problem, given that there are people in suburban Sydney who think that memorising the Koran in Arabic is a higher priority than functional literacy and maths. Adult illiteracy is a difficult enough problem to tackle even without English being a second language plus religious justifications.

    The same message content, but printed in Arabic text, would probably have been ignored.

    Often these kind of protests involve the same handful of faces who show up for virtually any kind of violent protest against virtually anything going. (If it would likely make the TV news.) All the nastiness would have been confined to a handful of the rent-a-mob crowd who were still high on ice from the previous evening.

  40. This may add credibility to the signs existing, yet I wonder why the second image posted by Sean W is clearly fake.

    Actually considering the lighting of the boy in the blue t-shirt he was entirely placed in the image. Considering this, I will take another look at the first image. Notice how the boy in the aqua shirt is missing in the first image?

  41. OK, I looked at the image again. Check out the anomaly I found in the blue channel. This boy is starting to look like he doesn’t belong in either picture. Why are all the people looking at the street and there is this kid holding a sign. I’m starting to wonder if this woman is even his mother. 

  42. Oh boy, There is some cloning going on in this image also.  Cloning is a tool that takes some pixelated images and moves copies of them to elsewhere in the image. Notice the duplicate image under the arm. Also notice that the grass has some duplicate areas horizontally and stepping up on an angle.

  43. Some more coverage here from someone who claims to have seen the mother photographing the boy.  Also some additional pictures.  I doubt this is a fake.

    I quickly dismounted and captured pictures and video and posted them to Twitter.

    The most striking image was of a small boy, probably no older than three, holding above his head a placard reading: “Behead all those who insult the prophet.”

    The sign kept falling down but the boy’s mother continued to prop it back up so she could take pictures. Lots of pictures. Onlookers – mostly tourists and weekend shoppers – were horrified. The boy’s mother was beaming.

    I posted the photo to Twitter and it’s been shared by hundreds of people – probably thousands by the end of the weekend.

  44.  Yes mmurray. I discuss why this one is definitely manipulated in my first post. It is blatantly obvious. The first photo does  have some areas that are manipulated but it still doesn’t disprove that it is fake; it could simply be retouched. I noticed that the area where the boy’s left had overlaps the handle of the stroller is correct, but it still could be faked. If we had a video… Any more photos?

  45. Not just carrying the signs… how ’bout the supposed deity does the beheading? And when it doesn’t happen…

  46. @rdfrs-deacea4ba7109e04d519d19fa2d0c8a1:disqus 
     Yes I put a link in to another persons blog who claims to have seen the child and women.  It’s just below your reply.  They have posted some other pictures to twitter.  Of course it’s possible he is the source of all the photos on twitter so we still don’t have independent evidence.

    I looked at a few of the videos about but none catch that kid and the sign.

  47. Thanks mmurray. In the second link, the cop stated that he witnessed a child holding a sign calling for beheading. So clearly this boy was holding this sign. I can also see how the white paper shows up as periwinkle on the videos. With this being said, the photos were manipulated (retouched/changed) to some extent as I mentioned in other posts. The second post you had shown was blatantly manipulated and this could be because the person retouching the photo was unskilled in photoshop and has a poor understanding of art principles.

    Just being a skeptic….and answering a post to whether or not the image was manipulated – which to some extend it was. 🙂 so if you’re looking for a few lessons on how to detect if an image was retouched or manipulated….

  48. The original photo is of the Sydney riots and comes from, a New Limited site.

    News Limited, of course, is owned my Rupert Murdoch. We all know what impeccably high standards all Murdoch publications have (NOT)!

    That said, does try and depict itself as a “serious” news site, so I doubt very much they would go as far as fabricating the picture. And if they did they would be soon caught out, and it would be all over the press in no time.

    So I think we can be pretty sure the picture is genuine.

  49. @rdfrs-f78ff70e70cdf2e13ce970fada856eba:disqus 

    If you look at the picture on the News Limited site it is taken from Twitter from Joel Tozer who posted the original post here.  So News Limited is not the original source.


    The Police Commissioner said:

     “Some of the behaviour, it has absolutely floored me. To see a young child with a placard thrust in his hand, calling for the beheading of a person is simply something I cannot comprehend,” he said.

    He doesn’t say that he was there and saw it in person.  As Police Commissioner it is quite likely he wasn’t there. 

    I expect the photo is real but would like some independent evidence which I think is here

    Unless this guy is the source of Joel Tozer’s photo.

  50. Thanks, The image appears to be real. Here is another image taken from another view. The same side of the placard is facing the viewer.  You can see the same wrinkles in the taped on message. The markings on the board is the same Evidently, there is back side to the board. It appears that the image of the boy next to the stroller was simply retouched. The other image with the boy in the aqua shirt is clearly manipulated/retouched poorly.

  51. A2zwSl2CMAAIAIN.jpg  This one is hateful and childish, but likely to evoke mirth on this site.

  52. This was a good lesson. When you get a newsworthy photo simply correct for color and use a curve to correct for value. Be a purist and avoid retouching your image. People will question your image and people like me know enough to scrutinize it. If you do a bad job retouching, you can kill the validity of your image and impact of what you are trying to say/show.

  53. I was in the CBD of Sydney when this happened. It came out of a clear blue sky. Nothing like this has ever happened before in Sydney. Many of us are shocked beyond belief. The police were not informed that this “protest” was happening and as a result the whole thing got quickly out of hand. The arrival of the police was therefore the cue for the head-kicking to begin.  Clearly, there was no intention to stage any kind of a peaceful protest, because the element of surprise was uppermost. MANY children were carrying the placard about “behead those who insult the prophet”. Indeed, it would seem that the intention was to show that very young children are in complete solidarity with the adults who were foaming at the mouth with hatred and venom.

  54. Religion is a chosen illness, that is taught by parents and in due course enslaves their children. – Robin Swaneck

  55. In a hyper-sensitive world, where people can be convicted for making throwaway comments on Twitter and Facebook, why aren’t the parents being arrested immediately.
    Immigration has always been an contentious issue in Australia, so make this kind of thing grounds for instant deportation.

  56. The true face of a despicable and dangerous and violent religion.  Here we see indoctrination at work, parents making sure their little boy is going to be surrounded by people he views as enemies for all his life must surely be the most appalling example of child abuse imaginable.

    Richard Fisk in the Independant said that those who say islam is violent are racist peddlars of trash.  How does he or people like Warsi and the AoC explain this.  Are we going to hear the same trite and egregious nonsense that this is not representative of mainstream islam?  That it is reminsicent of normal peaceful child rearing?

    The apologists for this antihuman epistomology need to open their eyes.

    Displays like this are hate speech, they are racist, they are bigoted and surely they must be unlawful in any civilised country.  No one should be allowed to hide behind religious privilege to escape the consequences of this vile behaviour!

  57. I agree that this terrible. The woman’s action- getting her son to hold the sign- probably does amount to child abuse, and the sign itself must break some law, apart from any law of decent discourse. However, the woman was quite probably born and bred in Australia; why do people immediately suggest deportation for someone whose ideas are reprehensible? To where should we deport her? Tasmania perhaps? Let’s treat her and any others who have broken the law with the full force of the law, without resorting to nonsensical ideas like ‘deport her’.

  58. An ABC (Australia) TV journalist interviewed a so-called Muslim activist about the Sydney riots, footage, including this image, of the riots were shown, but he did not ask her one question about the image.  It’s not only a form of child abuse but also an indication that “peace” was uppermost even in some of most “innocent” attendees’ minds.

  59. Sorry, I inadvertently posted this as a reply to “bluebird” …  An ABC (Australia) TV journalist interviewed a so-called Muslim activist about the Sydney riots, footage, including this image, of the riots were shown, but he did not ask her one question about the image.  It’s not only a form of child abuse but also an indication that “peace” was uppermost even in some of most “innocent” attendees’ minds.

  60. No Bryan Dibben, it’s authentic.  I’m a local, and saw it live on ABC (Australia) TV …  see my comment supporting Claude I

  61. Oh, I don’t think the police side was playing dirty.  Especially not when you consider that they were informed that the protest was supposed to be taking place on the following day.

  62. Disgraceful. Mind you I’m not surprised. Turn on the TV and watch riots and violence by religious groups because of religious beliefs quite frequently.

  63. @rdfrs-15f956879f7db177618015f7eebdb1b1:disqus  Bits of what you’re saying is reasonable, but most of it is incoherent rambling. I’ve got no time for your nonsense.

  64. I don’t think you get what I mean.
    The story about the lousy film didn’t matter but was whipped up. The reaction of the Muslims in this case is a typical case of using news to their own advantage. This film has been on the internet for a while now but suddenly there’s a problem. Extremist groups cease the moment to increase their influence. Nothing new there, it happens here all the time. Politicians jump on every little news item to express their feelings towards any type of victim as long as it helps their case of increasing their influence. The people that respond to these religious leaders in this case, are either fanatics or, and I suspect that it’s a large percentage, people that want to vent anger and be violent without running the risk of being persecuted. Some people have this urge to be violent but society prevents them from venting it. When a situation arises that allows them to be violent without running the risk of ending up in jail, they will vent it. Remember the London riots. Or what about the Free Syrian army. To me it looks a lot like “men with guns” who use the situation to do what they always wanted to do.
    Exploiting this trait is a very bad thing indeed, and it seems to me that the Muslim Brotherhood is doing exactly that. So don’t get me wrong on this please. People being killed is important news. It was the thing that led to the killing that shouldn’t have made the news because it wasn’t worth the pixels on my computer screen.

  65. Removing the heads containing rational thinking brains (one way or another –  physically or from society), is a long standing theist tradition in the persecution of “heretics”!

  66. I cannot understand their scatter gun approach to this protest.  I was just listening to one of the arrested protesters on the news say “we where protesting about this offensive film”.  A) these people are so insecure they will not cope with any criticism at all and B) Why beat up a bunch of people who had nothing to do with it?  The only way to understand this behaviour (assuming some intelligence in the perpetrators) is to assume this protest was no so much a violent reaction to a film shot in another country, but a treat to attack and murder any who dare criticise Islam.

  67. I was reading about Hippatia. She lectured at the great library at Alexandria in mathematics and astronomy. The exact reasons are debated, but partly simply because she was a woman and and independent woman, and not a Christian, a mob of Christians dragged her from her carriage, gouged out both her eyes and skinned her alive in 414 AD.

    Religion makes people do the cruelest most evil things while imagining it great virtue.  It tricks normally kind people into committing atrocities.

    I can’t remember where I saw the sketch, but a group of villagers were stoning a woman.  A Christ like figure says “Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone”. Everyone looks sheepish and stops.  A wizened old hag resumes pelting.  The Christ-like figure says “Oh Mother!”. It sounds like it could be from the Life of Brian.  I imagine Terry Gilliam as the mother.

  68. Perhaps poking fun might be the best way:

    “Behead all those who laugh at Donald Duck”

    “Decapitate Scientology deniers”.

    “Death to the deniers of the profit”

    “Join the North Convention Baptists or we’ll bite your damn heads off”.

    “All religions are shit except mine”

    “If you think my religion is violent, I’ll wring your bleeding neck”

    “Castrate all climate change deniers”

    “Skin the makers of shoddy movies alive”

    “I only know one religion, so it obviously is better than yours”

    “Don’t insult my religion, I’m sensitive about my choice.”

  69. Fair enough, but in the event that any of those convicted of an offence turn out to be immigrants, should deportation not be considered? I mean, if potential violent protesters of this kind in the future thought they might get a one way ticket back to a place where their backward beliefs were acceptable, perhaps they might think twice about becoming involved. If not, then are they the sort of people you’d want sharing the same streets as you and yours, I think not.

  70.  Fair enough, but in the event that any of those convicted of an offence turn out to be immigrants, should deportation not be considered?

    The Australian Government has deported people in the past who haven’t got citizenship but have committed crimes.  Sometimes in questionable circumstances but the principal is there.

  71. I’m not saying that some rules are not abused, we all know that to be the case, just look at this sad abuse of the system…… 

    …but where the system can be applied properly and a case put forward is dealt with on its merits, it should be an option…especially if it could work as a deterrent

  72. You should also consider reporting all the others holding similar “…behead…” signs for incitement to deadly violence.

  73. If a government of a nation is stupid enough to encourage or permit the immigration of people who follow Islam then that nation must understand the consequences.  Wherever Islam prevails, there is nothing but misery, strife and cruelty.

  74. How about “incitement to deadly violence” ? Australia doesn’t have incitement to violence laws? As an atheist, I identify myself as someone who regularly insults and mocks their prophet. Therefore the signs are directly inciting people to murder me in a most gruesome fashion.

  75. As an Australian, I am appalled by the sight of placards inciting violence. Freedom of speech is a right usually protected under Western Democracy, but I don’t believe that placards calling for the beheading of people can be legal. Also alarming was a placard declaring support for Osama. I am not only concerned about the actual violence toward police at the rally, but also the violent intent of the placards.

  76. The Muslim society is so controlled that the idea of free speech coming from a few people must seem impossible to them. An act of a few would actually be an act of an entire group. Violence is considered before communication and understanding. This is generally not our thinking in the western world. In the US, we have moved away from the idea of a melting pot to a salad bowl. OK accept and appreciate people for their different cultures and backgrounds, but know that every now and then an  ingredient will not taste very good with the rest of the salad. I think countries will start rethinking their immigration laws. Other than art, music, dance, and food, perhaps there were some overlooked benefits to a melting pot.

  77.  It’s deeper than that. These violent protests are the result of pent-up resentments against the US (and other western nations) for the decades of oppressive and violent treatment they have received. The insult against their religion is just a trigger.

    Also, I could be wrong, but I think it is also related to  the lack of cultural understanding of the concept of free-speech in Islamic countries. Somehow they seem to view this as officially endorsed. They don’t seem to comprehend the Western tradition of freedom of thought/speech and its relation to *individuals*.

  78.  Katy. This is a legitimate photo taken at Hyde Park in Sydney. I know because I live here and there were many others holding up signs that were sporting the same or similar words.


  79. I had a look at some of this movie from a torrent out of curiosity
    and it’s one of the worst pieces of shit film making I’ve ever seen.
    I don’t know why they’re so up in arms about it.
    The film makers and actors insulted themselves more than
    anything else.
    It’s absolute bollox on every level.

  80. An interesting piece here

    on all the contradictions inherent in this protest.  Here is a snippet:

     This is the behaviour of a drunkenly humiliated people: swinging wildly with the hope of landing a blow, any blow, somewhere, anywhere. There’s nothing strategic or calculated about this. It doesn’t matter that they are the film’s most effective publicists. It doesn’t matter that they protest using offensive slogans and signs, while protesting against people’s right to offend. It doesn’t matter that they object to insulting people on the basis of their religion, while declaring that Christians have no morals. This is baffling only until you realise these protesters are not truly protesting to make a point. The protest is the point.

    Also some background on an Islamic conference going on in Sydney at the moment. Coincidentally …


  81. The NSW state government is seeing what it can do with the parents of that kid

     THE NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has asked the Family and Community Services Department to investigate the use of a young child photographed holding an sign calling for the beheading of those who insult the prophet.

    and the question of deportation is being addressed

    Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has indicated he may cancel the visas of any “non-citizens” charged after the weekend’s violent protests in Sydney.


  82. remember the research showing how insecure beliefs lead to increased proselytizing.  it must be the same thing here.  these people must feel realy insecure about their religion. they feel weak so they project power. 

  83. Islam is selling the same message as other faiths.  Submit or be punished.
    Submit to the will of allah, and the will of allah is to punish those who will not submit.
    Scary stuff.  People who listen to voices in their head suggesting they do wrong by others are
    no more/less insane than those who listen to voices in a book suggesting the same.


     THE mother of the young boy who was holding the sign calling for the beheading of those who insult the Muslim prophet has handed herself into police.

    A NSW Police spokeswoman confirmed this morning the mother of the boy who was photographed with a sign reading “behead those who insult the Prophet” approached police overnight to hand herself in.

    The spokeswoman confirmed the woman would not be charged.

    Community Services workers visited the woman’s home and conducted welfare checks on her children.

    A spokesman for Community Services Minister Pru Goward said the mother was not known to authorities or the subject of any reports to the helpline or agency – and the children were not found to be any immediate danger.

    “Her understanding is that she didn’t think the protest was going to get violent,” the spokesman said.

    He said no futher action will be taken against the mother.

    “But when people make reports now they are always on our radar and in our system in case anything like this happens again,” the spokesman said.


    Oh well that’s OK then (sarcasm).

    Meanwhile, a teenager has been arrested for smashing the window of a police car at the weekend and Islamic leaders have met to discuss how to calm the unrest.


    I guess he missed the Hadith that says “look thou not at the camera while breaking police car window with a milk crate”.


  85.  Yes! Ridicule and mockery, like the “God Hates Figs” signs…

    “Throw tomatoes at those who would behead”

    “Befriend those who insult the profits”

    “The prophet had no head either”

  86. Oh well that’s OK then (sarcasm). 

    This seems eminently OK: the mother turned herself in to the police, who made contact with Community Services, who did a home check and determined that her weans weren’t being fitted for bomb vests. The mom was presumably then given a sound talking to by the Babylon, who will have put the fear of God into her and told her not to be so silly in future unless she’s desirous of spending the rest of her days in an eight-by-ten concrete cell in Guantanamo Bay.

    Civilised law in action, surely. No sarcasm intended at all.

  87. QuestioningKat: I have read many of your posts throughout and have always found them to be very interesting and informative. But this time I think you went off the deep end. The verdict is in, the photos are real and not faked. The mother has turned herself in to the authorities, and this confirms the whole incident was very real.

    Of course, they are poopooing the significance of the signs, saying the kid probably found the sign left by some other demonstrator and that the mother “… might well have thought it was a giggle to get him to hold a sign, a cute little photograph.”

    Would you like to take back some of the things you said above as to the authenticity of the photos? As far as I am concerned, you are only human, but still I think it’s important for people to not just post things that are revealed to be inaccuracies without making a retraction.  

  88.  QuestioningKat: I have read many of your posts throughout and have always found them to be very interesting and informative. But this time I think you went off the deep end. The verdict is in, the photos are real and not faked. The mother has turned herself in to the authorities, and this confirms the whole incident was very real.

    Sure we know that now.  But for about 24 hours there was only one photograph of that child with  a beheading poster and it was the same photograph from twitter on all the news sites.   That should raise a question in the minds of anyone who is skeptical.   Then other photographs and first hand reports started coming in and it was clear the photo was genuine. 

    I still think the question was worth asking.  We just look stupid if we go off the deep end over a faked up photo.  There was a case like this awhile back when a couple of pages here got devoted to a report that Rabbis wanted to execute a dog which turned out to be a complete fabrication

     Would you like to take back some of the things you said above as to the authenticity of the photos? As far as I am concerned, you are only human, but still I think it’s important for people to not just post things that are revealed to be inaccuracies without making a retraction.

    She did here.…    


  89. Hi Michael, was about to post the comment by Waleed Aly when I noticed you had already done so. It really is the most interesting and thoughful analysis of the situation I have read over the last few days.

    (to all, the body of the text is worth a read so I’ll try and paste another link below, though I think if you click on the ‘in reply to…’ button Michaels link should still work? I’ll also try and do a quick search on the authors reference to ‘Abdal Hakim’ and see if that comes up with anything interesting.)

    Aly basically informs us that Islam ‘needs’ the offence (whatever it may be) as it is through this very offence that it – islam – defines itself. It is this that is the glue that bonds this identity, that maintains this group, this community – a ‘shared grievance’, one family, together as one, as victims.

    It is then that:


    … you have an identity that has nothing to say about itself; an
    identity that holds an entirely impoverished position: that to be
    defiantly angry is to be.

    I recall seeing this as a child on the border of Eire and the Six Counties. Known as ‘Bandit Country’ to the British forces but (and proudly) as the ‘Free State’ to its inhabitants. I’ve no wish to exonerate the British state from any blame for its part in these ‘troubles’, merely to juxtapose, and explore various feelings of identity. Still, it is ironic to look back now to the reality of that Free State – a de facto theocracy of largely impoverished people who closed their eyes to the systemic rape of their children by their rulers.

    I was again further reminded of this position in the last few days following the release of the documents relating to the disaster at Hillsborough (23 years ago 96 Liverpool FC supporters were crushed to death in an inadequate and decrepid stadium in the northern city of Sheffield in the UK). The subsequent cover-up by police (and many others) involved blaming the supporters and, by implication, the people of Liverpool, and the very victims themselves.

    It has taken 23 years for the truth to be told and justice (hopefully) to have begun.

    A fellow football supporter slapped me on the back by way of congratulations, “Fuckin’ hell, Anvil, what you lot gonna’ talk about now?”

    It made me angry, initially at least. It also made me think. What now, if anything, would define my identity? Was there anything else beyond my defiant anger? What, if anything, is the substance of my identity?

    Aly goes on to say:

    Frankly, Muslims should find that prospect nothing short of
    catastrophic. It renders Islamic identity entirely hollow. All pride,
    all opposition, no substance. ”Like the Incredible Hulk,” observes
    Abdal Hakim Murad, a prominent British Islamic scholar, ”ineffectual
    until provoked.”

    He then ends with:

    Sometimes you need a scandal to demonstrate an underlying
    disease. And that’s the good news here. The vast bulk of Saturday’s
    protesters were peaceful, and Muslim community organisations are lining
    up to condemn the outbreak of violence. But now a more serious
    conversation is necessary. One that’s not about how we should be
    speaking out to defend our prophet and ourselves. One that’s more about
    whether we can speak about anything else.

    Trouble is, I can’t see what that could be? Can Islam speak out about anything else? Does it hold anything beyond defiant anger?

    I feel it is the very level of this defiant anger that contains the answer to this question. Still, I’d like to read more from Aly.


    ps: Small world; Timothy John “Tim” Winter (born 1960), also known as Abdal Hakim Murad, is a British Sufi Muslim researcher, writer and teacher.

    His Younger brother is, would you believe this, Henry Winter, a well respected (certainly by myself) football writer here in the UK.

    [EDIT] Just heard on the news that France is upping security around its emabassies and overseas schools due to a parisian satirical magazine publishing cartoons depicting guess who… This from the Beeb:

    Muslim leaders urged calm in France, which has the EU’s largest Muslim community – about 10% of the population.

    “This is a disgraceful and hateful, useless and stupid provocation,” Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Paris Grand Mosque, told the Associated Press news agency …

    “We are not like animals of Pavlov to react at each insult,” he added, referring to the Russian physiologist who pioneered research into conditioning.

    Really? Somebody ought to tell the French not to bother upping their security, then!

  90. A report on National TV news (ABC or SBS I forget which) indicated that the woman in question had turned herself into police and apologised for the incident. Apparently she must have been embarrassed by the realisation that she would have been easily identifiable by friends and neighbours from the face of her child – which itself would have been clearly recognisable – and perhaps also from her clothing.

  91.  Apparently she must have been embarrassed by the realisation that she would have been easily identifiable by friends and neighbours from the face of her child – which itself would have been clearly recognisable – and perhaps also from her clothing.

    I am not sure embarrassed is the right word.  If you look at the post of mine just before yours you can see a link to a claim by her that she didn’t know what “beheaded” meant but did recognise the word “prophet”.  According to some other links in my posts below social security have gone and checked her out and  put her details on file.

    And while we are on this topic Sydney’s Islamic leaders call for no more violence


  92. The law of the infidel strikes another blow against the righteous:

     A man has been charged after he allegedly used social media to encourage people to act violently in Sydney this weekend.Police monitoring social media for signs people may be planning a repeat of violent protests in the city this weekend have arrested two men.A 20-year-old man arrested at a business in Ingleburn has been charged with recruiting persons to engage in criminal activity and publishing to incite the commission of a crime.Police say the man sent messages from his mobile phone and on a social networking site in a bid to encourage people to act violently in the city’s CBD.He has been granted bail to appear in court next month.Meanwhile, a 21-year-old man has also been arrested on George Street in central Sydney and is being questioned by police.

  93. mmurray
    The mother claims she didn’t know what behead means

    That sounds like fundamentalism!

    Illiterates aggressively preaching at the educated, as stooges of the manipulative deluded.

  94. The threats shown on the placard held by the little boy aren’t just mere words; they mean business and they’re certainly encouraging some brainless bigot to commit some barbaric act. I think that this poor kid is being abused by his parents by inducing him to spread threatening messages and the Social Services ought to do something about it. For less serious offences, parents have been deprived of their children. This child could become a potential terrorist in the future and the authorities should investigate his family to check if he’s receiving a proper education. I think the democratic society must wake up to avert cases like this before it’s too late. 

  95. Next time, before you try and push further hatred out there, try and get the full story.This was in Sydney, Australia at the protests against the Mohammed video. The mother picked it up off the street and handed it to her child, not knowing what “behead” actually meant. She’s Jordanian and has only been speaking English for 2 years, it is not a word you’d usually learn early in your language classes. She saw the reports and actually handed herself into police, explained and even made a public apology due to all the whipped up controversy by the media.

  96. And I love how everyone has jumped on the bandwagon here saying how disgusting it is without doing a single bit of research.

    After this happened, plenty of white-anglo Australians sent a sickening text message, received by thousands which read: “Let’s show these bearded goat-herders that we run this country, not them and if they don’t like it, they can f*** off back to whatever s***hole they came from on the leaky boat they showed up on. Spread the word and come ready for a battle for our rights and our land. They thought Cronulla riots were bad. We grew there, they flew there! Australians unite!”Sorry but the retaliation is worse than the crime.

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