Bravo Charlie Hebdo


In a climate where Islamist murder, violence and intimidation is cowering many into silence and submission,  Charlie Hebdo’s insistence on poking fun at Islam on par with all religions and its refusal to back down despite calls for censorship is one that will be remembered when Islamism is in the dustbins of history.


French professor Marlière writes in the Guardian that the magazine’s aim to reassert its leftwing secular tradition in this climate is more anti-Islamic than anti-clerical.  But anti-Islamism is this era’s anti-clericalism.

He adds that the cartoons are ‘unhelpful’ in a ‘climate of religious and racial prejudice’ but like the Guardian and many a liberal and post-modernist leftist, he misses the point. What is ‘unhelpful’ is Islamism’s murder and mayhem.

Criticising Islam and Islamism is not about prejudice – that is Islamism’s narrative – which has been bought hook, line and sinker by those calling for censorship. In fact, in this day and age, criticism is a historical necessity and legitimate challenge to our era’s inquisition.

Written By: Maryam Namazie
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  1. Good on you, France- more balls than any other country, FORMIDABLE!

    En passant- get stuffed, Professor Marlière…

  2. Yes, Namazie, is right.  I’d never seen it before but there are those in the Muslim world who live under constant threat.  When I hear of Islamist atrocities, I feel indignation.  What must they feel?

  3. Some part of me wants to see a constant flow of “offensive” publications now, just to see how long this vocal and violent minority can “maintain the rage”.

  4. Publishing cartoons like this is the same as yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. You know that people will die. The publisher know that people will die and he does not care even though they will include French citizens. No good can come from insulting anyone.

  5. Yes true, but real satire and art should be differentiated from the recent abysmal film deliberately created to incite violence. This is a difficult situation regardless.

    At some point, this ‘confrontation’ may have been unavoidable. Still, the bigger issue has to do with American involvement in the region (and dragging in our allies usually as well). If this sort of ‘art’ can be left as the product of internal Western society, it’s one thing, but in the context of US military involvement and a steady stream of wars, sanctioning and threats of war (with Iran), this becomes further fire to be used by local leaders and of course religious fanatics. 

  6. The steady stream might work to numb people or create more fanatics. Not sure it’s worth the price especially if it’s this banal in terms of entertainment value. 

  7. I believe the solution is to have more Mullahs like this in the Islamic world.

    As far as I know, there were almost no or probably few public protest by Muslims in USA and Canada, probably, due to influence of people like him.

  8. The trouble is that if one or two brave people do this here or there in the world they are easy targets for the foaming Muslim rent-a-crowd of local fanatics.  What is needed is for a thousand publications all over the planet to do this at the same time, and keep it up too – reasoned, humorous, legitimate criticism and satire of Islam, (though the behaviour of Muslims is all too often beyond satire). Safety in numbers; and some of the brighter Muslims might figure out what utter fools they look to the rest of the planet (“Someone in another country has published an insulting cartoon of the prophet! Let’s scream and shout like hysterical children, start a riot in which we’ll kill some other Muslims and burn some Muslim shops!”) and try to change the tune of Muslim discourse into something more civilized than a seven year old’s shrieking. But when a publication which likes to think of itself as brave and principled like The Guardian takes the Neville Chamberlain line there isn’t much hope.

  9. I’ve thought about this myself. It might work eventually as people do have the predictable ability of getting used to things they have no control over. With that said, there would be a short-term or longer price to pay that would involve more violence and destruction even if by small bands of thugs just looking for an excuse. The other problem is that I doubt there are a lot of people with a real artistic intent AND a desire to insult Islam. 

    For the foreseeable future, the Islamic world will continue to go through changing pains. Main problems to avoid include wars (conventional wars which are far more destructive than terrorism), instability in government and probably avoid overt acts that do rile up people (if it happens as an indirect consequence of something that was not intentional, that’s another matter). 

    To some extent, before this happened, people do seem to have adapted to what is a worldwide phenomenon, the 24 hour news cycle, which creates short attention spans everywhere. Thus, people forget offensive cartoons and South Park more quickly than Salman Rushdie’s work. 

  10. What utter bollocks Mykeljon.

    Shouting fire in a crowded theatre, is just mischief for
    mischief’s sake.  Publishing anything about anything is freedom of speech
    and our right to knock what is an archaic prejudiced riddled religion, much
    like any other religion or cult, which by the way, tend to be slated to an even
    bigger degree than is Islam, with out the resulting violence.

    The killing of people in response to cartoons or films dose not lay the blame
    at the publishers of said media, but at the feet of those who respond in an out
    of proportioned manner.

    If a woman walks naked through a room full of known rapists
    and is raped, it is still the rapist who are to blame…get it?

  11. Bullies cannot be appeased. Acquiescence is what they seek and it reinforces the notion that threatening violence is not merely an expedient but a superior strategy to ‘finding  a better argument’ by thinking.  Giving way to bullies makes them better at bullying and shames everyone else.  Acquiescence is a choice of the liberal minded but it is the only option open to cowards.

    Few people are psychologically equipped to dissent even in a democracy.  Proximity to authority is compellling. How much harder then to dissent in the face of threats of violence and death to the person?

    We must be thankful for the few of us who have evolved with the skill and equipment to stand up for what is right.  We must continue to criticise epistomologies which are questionable and stand against those that are demonstrably wrong otherwise we cease to progress as a species. Legitimate criticism is justified and in the case of irrational propositions which dehumanise and arrest our advancement so is parody and ridicule.

    The more they bluster and posture and threaten the more we need to point and laugh.

  12. Publishing cartoons like this is the same as yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. You know that people will die.

    Nonsense. There is plenty of mockery out there, it’s not the mockery that is the problem, it’s the mad fuckers that are drawing the attention to the mockery that is the issue. If a mute person yells “fire” in a crowded theatre, no one will hear it and therefore won’t give a shit….it’s when some smart arse jumps up and draws attention to the mischief that the problems will arise.

    The publisher know that people will die and he does not care even though they will include French citizens.

    Perhaps we should stop building theatres and stop attending those that already exist shall we? Ya know, just for by some idiot maybe yelling “fire” when there isn’t one, causing untold injury to some innocents in the process. 

    No good can come from insulting anyone.

    Insult is subjective….I’m insulted when fuckwits challenge my limited intelligence by insisting the manure in their particular holy scripture is the definitive rule book by which I should live by on pain of an eternity with a red hot poker up my arse. 

    Do I insist that every holy text in the world be censored because it insults me? Nope. Do I insist on the beheading of every cleric of religion that stands in the pulpit insulting my intelligence with their bollocks? Nope. I just want the same reciprocated, keeping ones nonsense to oneself would be my goal. No one has the undeserved respect not to be mocked because of their religion if they want to bring the subject up, no one….I’d go a bit further…those insisting in their bollocks be accepted, deserve the mockery they court.

  13. Threats of violence are the last refuge of those with no argument….  it’s caveman sh!t.  

  14. ‘Unhelpful’ moans Marliere. I love the response by Norgate:-

    ‘Or even worse, it could be “inappropriate”, the ultimate sanction in Britain’

     It was less than a year ago that the office of Charlie Hebdo was attacked with molotov cocktails after a previous provocation of the religion of peace.

    Yet here they go again. 

    How brave is this?

    Legion d’honneur?

  15.  Yup, just roll over and take orders from any crackpot who shouts the loudest and has the biggest gun.

    Charlie Hebdo is a satirical current affairs magazine. It is defending freedom of speech and is more than aware of the violence. Their offices have already been ransacked and burnt once for having an opinion.

    Insults are only insults if someone claims to be insulted. We could all be insulted by anything, so no one should do anything by your strategy?  Are we the fools for not being insulted by every little thing and burning and killing to defend our feelings?

    One thing we should all be insulted by is the incessant whining and then violent reaction if we don’t take their myth seriously. Should we be insulted when they don’t take reality seriously?
    And even if we are, it is no excuse for violence.

    Like the head of the Muslim Council here in France said, “We are a religion of peace, but there will be much violence in the face of this provocation” 

  16. What’s new? Muslims are always “offended” and constantly finding brand new things to “offend” them. It seems that many Muslims are just simply born “offended” and to find everything “offensive” although they can be strangely shameless when it comes to violence and making death threats.

    If Muslims are destined to riot in Islamic countries every time someone posts something they don’t like on the Internet then they are simply going to have to resign themselves to repeatedly rioting on a very regular basis because the Internet is going precisely nowhere – the hardware and technology is far too ubiquitous to ever be “dis-invented”. It is time that the Mullahs and Imams got real and finally understand that the modern world and the very nature of communication technology has simply left their Dark Age backwardness very far behind.

    As seen from the documentary “Islam: The Untold Story” – the primitives are no longer able to
    “magically” shield their baseless, evidence-free, truth-denying beliefs and superstitious fairy tales from the full scrutiny of the 21st century by making death threats and resorting to violence. Whether is is impartial scholarship, satire, merciless ridicule or unimaginative insult, the Muslims are going to find out, the hard way, that we can and we will do exactly all this and more and that there is absolutely nothing that they can do to prevent any of it.

    If rioting Muslims wish to systematically shoot-themselves-in-the-foot by destroying their own communities and trashing their own cities because of their pathetic, immature inability to control their own emotions then that is their own business – it has absolutely nothing to do with what free individuals personally choose to think, say or say what they think in free democracies that recognises their constitutional right to do exactly that.

    The right to free speech and free expression (as it is practiced by Americans in the US) is simply a non-negotiable absolute that is far more sacred, holy and utterly necessary than any religious person’s belief in their precious Prophet.

  17. Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons were described as unhelpful in ‘climate of religious and racial prejudice’. I wonder which is more unhelpful in causing racial prejudice? Making cartoons criticising mindless violence in name of religion or global racial violence in the name of religion involving many murders including the rape and murder of the US ambassador.


    Once people stop pretending that being offended is justification for violence there is a chance for progress. But allowing Islam to cripple freedom of speech through violent intimidation will just make things worse.

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  18. I echo the other posts, it’s not at all like shouting fire in a theatre. I prefer the saturation technique advocated by others, there should not be a day when they are reminded to behave like civilised adults.

    Forgive me for making a rape analogy, but here it is. 

    It is never ever acceptable to rape anyone at anytime, there are no caveats, no excuses, no loop holes, no justification ever. This is the same for mindless violence directed at someone who said something you didn’t like let alone innocent 3rd parties! There is no justification that can be put forward that makes killing or hurting someone who said something or nothing about anything.

    Am I missing an obvious example. No mater how someone is dressed it is still never there fault, no mater what someone says it is never acceptable. Your suggestion appears to be the islamic model of covering the ladies up – it doesn’t help certainly not if you’re a guy.

  19. I think more of this should be seen, just to show how pathetic Islamism is. How genius do you need to be to understand that no religion whatsoever is immune to freedom of speech?

  20. Islam really is a protection racket, IMO.  “If you don’t do what we want then ………! “Al Capone had nothing on these guys. Well bollocks to Islam and to its Prophet, the one who rode the winged horse! As for almighty Allah, where is He? Has He got stuck, trousers down, changing in a telephone kiosk? Oh I forgot, no-one ever sees Him!

    What will The Guardian come up with next? That there is a “controversy” about whether salt water and fresh water mix?

    Bravo Charlie!

  21. If we give in to these sick demands, we have shown a weakness that will incite the Muslim world even more than refusing to do so. If we give in, then what’s next? The next prophet in line, Jesus (“Isa” to Muslims) is probably next. Can’t draw or make fun of him either. Or draw Muslims. Or any authority figure. It’s not the religion of peace, it’s the religion of piece by piece.

  22. Most of the comments here ( except Mikeljon) are entirely in keeping with mine.
    Alternative views by politically correct cultural equivalentists are nonsensical.

  23. Could someone please tell me what sort of jokes Muslims tell one another? Or is a sense of humor haram along with drinking and music and dancing?

  24. I agree that Charlie Hebdo is showing bravery to antagonise an obviously easy target such as miltant islam and refusing to cow to people who insist that they cannot criticise any religion for fear that innocents will get killed, it is not the likes of Charlie Hebdo who is killing but the religious zealots and the people that follow them that are the killers.

  25. Hi Zen. I often wonder that. 

    A sense of humour is haram according to Ayatollah ‘there is no humour in islam’ Khomeini.
    Nothing ever tickled his funny-bone, not even this:_

    Aisha: “Some of your wives say that you are a paedophile, is that true?”
    Mohammed: ” Paedophile?  That’s a big word for a six-year-old.”

    or this:-

    Teacher at pre-school: “Have you come to collect your daughter?”
    Mohammed : “No, I’ve come to collect my wife.”

    (found at Jihad Watch)

  26. [Jihad Academy, Suicide Bomber class]

    Instructor (wearing vest): “Pay attention now, I’m only going to do this once.”

  27. So we give the Islamics their “respect” What will that involve after the respect of their mohammad?

    Next we will be asked to censor our tv and movies to not “direspect” them.

    Then they will start with our education  and even free speech.

    This is just a starting point for them….

  28. [Jihad Academy, Suicide Bomber class]

    “Instructor (wearing vest): “Pay attention now, I’m only going to do this once.”

    Come on now, give some kudos to Billly Connelly for that one…

  29. I see a political, news or current affairs publication put out a story that gets up someone’s nose and I think: Some journalists did their job today.

    I see a dogmatic person reacting to a story and I think: Someone’s really on to something.

    What could be more helpful than that?


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